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Finding a great teacher for guitar lessons can be hard work when you don’t have any referrals from friends or family or you’re new to the area.

But don’t worry because there are a number of places you can look!

The obvious starting place would be to open that web browser and type in the Google search bar ‘Guitar Lessons Near Me’.

You’ll get a myriad of choices appear in the search results:

  • Google Ads
  • Google Places
  • Direct Guitar Lesson providers
  • Directories
  • Agencies

So, what’s the best choice for Guitar lessons?

The top 3 choices at the very top of the page and at the bottom which have a green ‘AD’ next to the test are Adverts. This is where companies are paying for them to show in your results. Are they the best? As always you need to do some research, but you can assume they are keen to get new business so when you contact them you should get fast answers…

Next you’ll probably see ‘Places’ which starts with a map and then companies that Google believes are close to you as per the addresses they have. This is totally Google’s interpretation but many of them do have reviews so its worthwhile reading the reviews and seeing what you think.

Lastly you’ll see a mix of company websites, directories and agencies. These have normally worked very hard to get to first page on Google so they want your business. The companies and agencies will be offering their own blend of services however the directories can be very different indeed.

When looking at a directory you will very often find individuals and companies having their own profile with a similar layout. They are looking for new business and they show their pricing so its easy to compare. Very often you’ll also be able to see reviews from their students so again you’re able to make informed decisions.

Classes A2Z runs a directory service in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Here you’re able to compare local guitar lessons to see which is best for you and then book the teacher directly through the system. It’s very simple to use!

Where should I have my Guitar Lessons?

You can have guitar lessons at your home, the teacher’s home or studio and online. The most important thing if you are starting is to make sure you have a guitar. If you don’t have one, don’t forget to ask the teacher if you can borrow one!

Being comfortable is the main thing to consider, what environment puts you in the right frame of mind to start learning. For some people they want to be at home but others relish the opportunity to get out into a different environment. If you’re having lessons at the teacher’s place, you’ll either be in their home or in a studio. Quite frankly you just need to see how comfortable you feel when you get there. Different people like different places. Just get yourself relaxed, listen to instruction and you’ll be playing a tune in no time at all!!

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