Five spooky Cereal Boxes from Beyond the Grave


Kids always love bowls of cereals that come in various kinds of cereal boxes, specifically when it comes to events like Halloween, you can find them in spooky and scary designs.

They not only boost the joy of packaged delicious cereals but also make such an event more remarkable.

Cereal Packaging Boxes From Beyond the Grave

Custom printed cereal boxes come in various designs and shapes in accordance with the nature of coming up events like Christmas and Halloween. Here are 5 beyond the grave cereal packaging boxes that might scare you and can make your Halloween memorable.

Spooky Marshmallow Froot Loops

Kellogg’s Spooky Marshmallow Froot Loops boxes are featured with marshmallows in ghost shapes, masks, bones, and skeleton, which makes them scary and spooky. These boxes also contain a cereal’s mascot as Toucan Sam, who also appeared in many other versions such as Spooky Froot Loops without marshmallows, Frightening Froot Loops, and Haunted Froot Loops Manor. These boxes contain scary images like shark jaws and dark colors that make them more spooky and interesting for kids. They also contain next level printing quality and printed slogans that make them enticing and set them separate from others on the selves. Along with scary shapes on these boxes, alluring visuals of packaged cereal also play a significant role in enticing kids to eat.

Count Chocula

General Mills’ Count Chocula cereal box is another spooky design of cereal packaging which has been changed over the passage of time, but its Halloween theme persistently keeping it up to the mark to grab the attention of people. These boxes contain scary, and horror characters like mummies and other Halloween related characters make them spookier and interesting to attract customers and specifically kids who love such characters. They also hold scary slogans such as “I want to eat your cereals” to make kids frantic and urge them to finish the bowls. These custom cereal boxes wholesale also hold a vampire character that likes better chocolate than blood that also makes them beyond the grave packaging solution for cereals.

Slimer and the Real Ghostbusters Cereal

Ralston’s Slimer and the Real Ghostbusters Cereal boxes are also one of the spookiest packaging solutions that are themed on the idea of a cartoon series of 1990. Having ghost capturing images and cartoon characters, they become spookier and interesting. Their unique printing and classy packaging design also play a significant role in making them precious. No one can say that the last episode of the series was better than that of the first one. Similarly, these boxes are persistent in their design and theme that stays the same over the years. Their fascinating slogans and branding embellishments set the brand apart from the best ones in the market.

Yummy Mummy

General Mills’ Yummy Mummy cereal packaging box is another one of the exclusive and frightening solutions that can make your Halloween event remarkable. This fruit-flavored cereal with marshmallows is outstanding to fascinate kids. The mascot of a colorful and unrevealing mummy makes them outstanding and up to the mark to be called beyond the grave cereal packaging. They also hold remarkable printing and scary background theme, which also make them a good packaging solution for cereals specifically for the Halloween event.  

Halloween Crunch

Cap’n Crunch’s Halloween crunch cereal pack that is featured with the captain’s mascot as a mummy that makes this packaging spooky and scary yet interesting for kids. This mascot also has been changed many times since its introduction to the market. These custom cereal boxes USA hold catchy graphics along with Halloween themes that make them interesting and catchy. This design also contains a captivating slogan. All these individualities make it interesting and extraordinary for appealing consumers and advertising the respective brand. These are five of the spookier Cereal Boxes that are unique in their themes and designs. They contain distinctive printing qualities and scary images and characters, which make them exclusive for events like Halloween. Scary mascots and enticing slogans make these boxes exceptional to make the moments remarkable. These packaging solutions that are scary and freighting, they have catchy graphics and alluring fonts as well, which make them exceptional in every aspect of spooky packaging solutions.


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