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Mobile apps have become the go-to solution of humankind for almost every need. From shopping to banking, education to entertainment, monitoring to management, apps are enabling us to ace it all. eCommerce App, read review.

Ever since it has , more businesses are joining the mCommerce industry and complementing their websites with apps.

It has also become a mandatory tool for businesses as most people are now accessing the internet and online content through smartphones. It is only smart to have an app for the mobile friendly customers.

However, as the new year is here, you must also revamp your app marketing and promotion strategies to keep it trending in 2021. So, what should be your new approach? Keep reading and find out!

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Five commandments of success in 2021

Let us discover the five strategies that can spike your profits and keep your eCommerce business in trend this year:

#1: Drive website visitors to your mobile app

This might sound vanilla to you, but it is one strategy that will always be in trend. After all, it is usually the website that garners necessary exposure for your business, while the app turns the traffic into regular customers.

Hence, every potential customer that visits your website must be pitched. Add a prominent CTA button with a content copy that inspires users to download and use the app. Highlight all the features and list benefits that draw visitors towards apps.

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#2: Prioritize visual elements in marketing

More people are prioritizing visual content over other forms. Carousel Ads, Video Ads, etc., are appealing more to people and ensuring better results.

Besides, video marketing will also take a new leap and boom even more this year. Hence, you can give priority to aesthetic visuals in your app content and app marketing strategies. It will not only attract more eye-balls, but also help you earn better attention rate for the brand.

#3: Think beyond social media platforms

Brands often avoid taking risks and thinking beyond conventional methods of advertisement and platforms. The same goes with app promotion techniques on social media.

It is important that you move your strategy a notch ahead and think beyond conventional social media ads and marketing. For example, you can try affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, etc. Also explore OTT entertainment platforms as a prospective ad and marketing channel and give it a try.

#4: Take the effects of COVID-19 into account

The pandemic still has its shadow cast on major countries of the world. Besides, it will take some time for the panic and fear to perish. Hence, you should keep the effects of its aftermath in view, when creating content or marketing strategy.

Continue to assure people that your brand is aligned with all the COVID-19 protocols and all the safety measures and standards are being followed. You can also create some comforting campaigns and endorse your philanthropic side.

#5: Aim for organic downloads and feedback

Organic downloads and feedback can do your brand favors in ways you cannot even think of. Genuine feedback, ratings and reviews can help boost your brand image and inspire others to download your app.

Besides, the greater number of organic downloads you inspire, the more loyal and long term customers you will get. It will also give a boost to your ASO efforts and lead to better visibility, traction and conversions.

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Wrapping up!

That was all from our end today! Sketch out a smart and robust blue print and implement the strategies listed above. Level up the marketing and promotion tactics and take your business to a new high this year.

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