FlexClip Review: An Easy-to-use Video Editor for PC

Creating video options is now easier and cheaper than ever. Because thanks to many mixes and free video editing software, today, we have more options. But many rely on major platforms such as Windows, Mac and are not easy to use. Today, we bring an easy-to-use online editor software to all readers. It is designed to help you build a video that is proud to share a video editing program.

FlexClip Video Editor

FlexClip Video Editor is a web-based video editing tool with an intuitive interface with many different features. This online video editor allows users to edit videos taken by themselves. In addition to video and graphical improvements, the device also offers audio editing to professional video display effects.

The core tool also offers lots of predefined templates that extend you to many basic tools and features. So, even if you have a simple skill, you can quickly use the device and make excellent videos. Besides, FlexClip Video Editor provides multiple video transitions, texts, logo, audio effects as well as a free toolkit for trimming, converting videos.

How can you separate video in FlexClip?

You need to click on the orange plus button and upload the video to split. The video will be added automatically to the storyboard. To cut out unwanted fragments from the video, we select the unwanted scene and click on the Scissors icon. Next, we move the red marker to the end of the unwanted segment and click the split video button. The segment is wholly separated from the rest of the movie and can be removed by pressing Delete.

How do you add music to a video?

 If you have a video clip without sound, FlexClip allows you to upload background music in your project. To add music, for example an MP3 file, to your video, you just need to click the music button, add the file to your project. Just like video, you can cut and split audio. This works in the same way in both cases, and you can cut the fragment where you want with the pair of scissors. In this way you can give image and sound the same playing time.

How can you add text to a video?

To prevent those visitors to your website only see meaningless moving images, it is advisable to highlight the main points of your video with text. A full subtitle is often not necessary, as long as it is made clear where the video is about. It can also work well by simply indicating at the beginning with text that it is advisable for the viewer to turn on the sound. With FlexClip, you can easily add text. If you click on Title at the top of the menu, you will be presented with a number of prepared templates. If you have chosen one, you can then enter the text yourself, choose a text and background color and even change the font. 

How do you create transition effects in a video?

When you put two video clips on the same track in FlexClip, the editing tool will allow you to add a transition effect. This is indicated by a blue, blurry piece between the two fragments. If you want to remove this effect again, you can do this by right-clicking on it and selecting the Remove transition option. If you do not like the standard transition, you can also change it in the menu that opens by right-clicking on it. 

Key Features of the FlexClip Video Editor

  • Upload video files and audio copies in any popular formats: AVI, MOV, MP4, MP3, WMA, etc.
  • Add photos and any graphic images.
  • Record voice-over by microphone audio.
  • Quickly cut video into any number of sections.
  • Delete unnecessary pieces in a mouse click.
  • Choose from millions of high-resolution photos, royalty-free video footage, and music tracks.
  • Combine single photos or videos with beautiful transitions.
  • Set a background color by choosing preset colors 
  • Choose from more than ten types of text animations.
  • Rotate videos and images by 90 degrees clockwise and counter.
  • Mute the entire audio track or a specific audio clip.
  • Save clips in different aspect ratios, such as 16:9, 9:16, and 1:1 aspect ratio.
  • Download the video in MP3, WMA, and other popular formats.
  • Export the video in 480p, 860p and 1080p resolution.

FlexClip video editor is a very useful tool that allows us to edit videos quickly and easily. Through this online video editor, we can unleash creativity and meet our needs by generating videos, slideshow, and even movies. Many users choose this video editor because it is perfect for those who are inexperienced and are looking for a professional solution. Anyway, for those who are interested in or already working on video editing, FlexClip online video editor is very valuable and will help you improve your work both in speed and quality.


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