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Some anglers don’t realize they can go fly fishing with a spinning rod. But fly fishing works quite well with spinning rods because they’re easier to handle. The thing to understand about fly fishing is that it targets fishes that feed on aquatic insects – tiny, lightweight insects that are practically impossible to catch, much less hook. fly fishing lines tries to copy the movements of such insects by using materials or feathers.

Because of the lightness of the fly fishing lure, you’d normally need fly rods with heavy flyfishinglines to be able to cast your fly.

The aim is to rely on the weight of the line, rather than the weight of a typical bait. With spinning rods, the end of the line bears the brunt of the weight. But there are certain situations where fly fishing with a spinning rod might be preferable, it all depends on the setup have and the available water.

For example, getting a natural drag-free drift might be more difficult with a fly fishing line, while using a spinning rod, with a monofilament line would create a lot less drag. There are a few other reasons why fly fishing with a spinning rod might actually be preferable to using fly fishing lines. Check out these two ways to fly fish with a spinning rod.

Casting Bubble To Fly Fish with a Spinning Rod

Is exactly what it sounds like. Because a spinning rod relies on the weight at the end of the line, ergo has a lightweight line, you can increase the weight of the spinning rod with a casting bubble. Once the weight has been increased, you can then attach your fly fishing lure at the end of the weight.

Merits of Using Casting Bubbles

They’re transparent. If they were colored, fishes would be able to tell they’re walking into a trap. With a see-through casting bubble, you don’t have to worry about being detected.

If the rig isn’t as heavy as you need it to be, you can twist the casting bubble open, add in some water, and close it back. The aim is to ensure the rig works with the same efficiency as a fly fishing rod.

Using Strike Indicator for Fly Fishing with a Spinning Rod

Strike indicators are just fancy names for bobbers. You know, like when you fly fish using nymphs suspended under afloat. They indicate strike, but “bob” while doing so.

Just as a strike indicator can easily be used on a fly fishing leader, so can it be used on a spinning rod. If you want, you can even go a size up, to increase the casting weight. Just tie a nymph to the line, attach some micro split shots to increase weight, then put your strike indicator.

The selection of nymph is of course on the water by water, day by day basis. But it helps to always have some “all-season” nymphs trout generally can’t resist.

The idea behind using a strike indicator is that you can watch the indicator for signs your sunk nymph has been bitten. Whereas with a casting bubble, you have to watch the actual fly see if it’s a hit.

Floating Dry Flies | fly fishing lines

Trout have been known to behave with single-minded determination, when they dial into the particular bugs they want for lunch. Nothing else will do if it isn’t the right color and size. Good luck getting their attention if you come with something that doesn’t fit their “food” profile. You literally could toss out every lure in your arsenal and not get a single sniff.

All you need to be successful while going fly fishing with a spinning rod, using dry flies, is preparation and the right set up. Learn from the local fly fishing shop what kinds of insects the trout in their water likes feasting on. Then buy the gear that best mimics their “food”. Get a clear float and tie it. Run your leader through the other end of the float before tying your fly.

Since the objective here is dry fly fishing, you’ll want to use a lot of floating on your “bug” to keep it high and dry. Spinning rods allow your flies to drift more naturally than fly leaders and rods.

Bottom Line

Not everyone has different fishing gear for different fishing styles, so it pays to know how to improvise with what you’ve got.

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Considering the technique fly fishing requires, it might be fly fishing with a spinning rod might actually be an easier way to introduce amateurs to the sport, without any form of intimidation.

Any of the different methods seen above are a good way to start, just remember that the most important rule of the game is to have fun!

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