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“Fourth of July” or 4th of July also referred as the July fourth is celebrated as Independence day in the United states. USA got independent on July 4th,  1776 and Congress declared that colonies of United states of America were no longer the part of British Kingdom.

What people do on the Fourth of July?

Independence day is the day when people enjoy federal holiday, this day is all about carnivals, fairs, fireworks, parades, picnics, baseball games, mostly family reunion and speeches, in addition to various private & public events enjoying the history, traditions & freedom and traditions of United states.

“Fourth of July (Independence Day) is the National Day of the United States and all Americans are proud of this day, not a single person in United States miss the celebration on this special day.”

History of Fourth of July

Actually thirteen colonies of United States got freed from British empire on July 2nd, and the continental congress did voting with resolution of Independence which was proposed by Richard Henry Lee of Virginia declaring the states were no longer part of British rules.

A day before- History of United States

A day earlier of Fourth of July
Fourth of July- Independence Day of United States of America

And the best thing of this is- fireworks are accompanied with patriotic music like “God Bless America”, America the Beautiful and these songs are enough to create images of the historic war and battle which were fought for the freedom of America.

Important Celebrations of Fourth of July

  • The Bristol Fourth of July Parade in Bristol
  • Seward- Nebraska
  • International Freedom Festival
  • Macy’s over the East River
  • The Boston Pops

And so many other celebrations, actually who can forget such a great day in history of America and the entire crowed of the states comes together to make each other happy, forgetting sorrows of day to day life, this single day is enough to die for.

And yes it was a day to die for, otherwise no one would be enjoying today.

So how do you feel today?

Free or still feeling ‘being ruled’ Review here


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