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Being stuck at home 24/7 could be challenging for most of us, being used to going to the office and on the run 5 days a week. In addition to that pandemic, fatigue is also real and draining. Nevertheless, avoiding close contact, and limiting your interaction outside is still the best way to help everyone. But still, this doesn’t mean you can’t have fun activities you deserve while being at home.    


By working at home, burnout is rampant as well as stress. So, what is the difference between stress and burnout?   


Although the two share some characteristics, there are distinct differences. Stress is often relatively short-term, and it is often caused by a feeling that work is out of control. You might experience stress several days in a row, especially when you’re working on a large project or under a tight deadline. However, once the situation changes, stress often lessens or disappears entirely. (Stress can affect you over the longer term, however, if you’re consistently experiencing these things.)  


Burnout often takes place over a longer period. You might experience it if you believe your work is meaningless; when there’s a disconnect between what you’re currently doing and what you truly want to be doing; or when things change for the worse – for example, when you lose a supportive boss, or when your workload increases beyond a sustainable point.   


You go through “the motions” instead of being truly engaged. Over time, this leads to cynicism, exhaustion, and, sometimes, poor performance.   


So here are some fun activities that might help you to seize the day!   


Get Re-inspired in the Kitchen   


Whether to re-envision and replace some of your cooking equipment, to learning the basics about your favorite dish or your family’s favorite snack. Try wandering your local farmers market safely, using a new spice, a handy cookbook is important especially when you’re just starting to experiment with new recipes! Speeding up the cooking process with small appliances readily available to you online.  


You can also master every basic recipe in your cookbook and methodically experiment with the dish you prepare. 


Connect with the Virtual Experience   


The pro of a virtual experience is that it’s usually cheaper than a normal event. Especially joining interesting webinars that are rampant today or webinars that you can really relate to. In place of in-person events, many businesses now offer virtual experiences to teach you skills, bring you to cool places, and connect you to people all around the world.   


  • Specific webinars and workshops you can experience are:   
  • Online Plant Workshops   
  • Virtual Wine Tastings   
  • Floral Arranging Workshops   
  • Treat Yourself with at-home Spa Experience   



Fill your tub with bubbles, light some candles, and disconnect from tech today. Don’t forget your robe. If you can put aside a few hours of your day, you can set up your very own spa at home with the following products. All these are available at SM Deals, your online discount deals, very convenient!   


  • Hair Masks   
  • Hair Sheet Masks   
  • Bath bombs   
  • Body oil, butter   
  • Facial Masks   



Let Your Creative Juices Flow   



Embark on a creative arts and crafts challenge, from pottery to trying to sketch and painting. It’s about craft, DIY, crochets, and other things you didn’t try before. By being at home we have plenty of time to invest in creativity and being able to support creative flow.   


Clear out your wardrobe   


Dedicate your time and attention to sorting out your clothes, decluttering your home, ditching items you haven’t worn for six months, and coordinating clothes into sections so it’s easier to browse in the mornings. This is a great opportunity to get inspired by new outfits or rediscover an old favorite.   



Build your workout routine   


If you have a spacious home and the fun activities mentioned above aren’t enough for you may be building a workout routine would be satisfactory. 


Giving some of your time to this activity would benefit you both in health and fitness. By building your own workout routine, you make the most out of what you’re made for because our body is not meant to be sedentary and inactive. Thus, having an exercise routine should be one of the activities that you need to enjoy. Being specific to this is required since adding this to your fun activities would be difficult. You can start on a basic exercise routine, there are many guides online that you can find about this.  It will not be easy at first but over time the result will payback. By being fit and healthy you will learn to lean on a positive attitude thus making you consistent in being happy.      


Key Takeaway   


Keeping busy can be good for your physical and mental health, these fun activities might provide some light relief from everything that has been going on. The focal thing is to just do what you can and keep yourself busy and occupied when you feel like it.   


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