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Gaming consoles like PS4 vs Xbox One | Nintendo Switch, these square shaped, bulky machines you see with the name of Gaming consoles on them are similar to powerful PCs made for gaming. The birth of these machines is many decades back, but now in 2018; there are few dominating companies like Sony, Microsoft & Nintendo, and latest in this gaming stream is Xbox One X.

Latest technical reviews
Gaming consoles and their reviews | upcoming games in 2018

These consoles are know as mid- generation gaming consoles, in this article we are going to compare three major consoles

  • Nintendo Switch
  • PS4
  • Xbox

Reviews of PS4 |  Gaming Console

PS4 is an upgrade over the previous  PS3, and this upgrade was done after a decade and when this happened this almost has changed the face of gaming consoles for ever.

Reviews of Nintendo Switch | Gaming Console

Nintendo truly did something more than expected, yes-

What exactly Nintendo improved over time? The answer is its hybrid between a console & handheld with a 6.2″ built-in screen, detachable controller like sticks, name as Joycons and the to turn it into a console, there is a thing named as the dock in which switch handheld is placed, this in turn transforms into a slab with amazing power.

Tech Reviews of Xbox | Gaming Console

Specifications & Graphic Cards used in Gaming consoles

The specifications & graphic cards are the most important aspects of a gaming console, this is part of console which makes it easy to play heavy games to be played in high resolutions.

Graphic cards are only reasons why you can play heavy games in these consoles.

  • Processor-In Nintendo Switch processor used is 4x ARM costex A57 one which is in the Nvidice Tegra lineup & the Xbox one & the PS4 are on the same line including the AMD Jaguar, the only difference in the processor these two consoles use is the clock speed, the Xbox one’s processor runs on a clock speed of 1750 MHz and the PS4’s processor runs on 1600 MHz. And the Nintendo Switch’s chip has a clock speed of 1020 MHz, while the clock speed would not make any big difference while gaming, but it can supply true smooth & crisp U.I. experience in the console.
  • G.P.UThis part of Console is the most important part of it’s hardware, due to it’s functioning, it is designed for gaming itself, yes, you heard it right, the G.P.U matters the most in gaming not the C.P.U if you haven’t heard or know these things then you must be a newbie to tech & trends and would only want to buy the console, if so then skip this section and go to the next one.
    G.P.U on the switch has a power of 250 Nvidia CUDA cores, this is the result of advance engineering in the gaming field, and the main compitition in this area is with the Xbox & PS4, considering their big size, while the Xbox one prevails in the competition of the C.P.U’s, in the past G.P.U lacked the sense of touch where it only had a measely 768. And shaders compared to the 1152 AMD shades of the PS4.While the PS4 tops in this category, there is one very important thing that you might not think of, the Chip used in Nvidia G.P.U, Nvidia tegra, yes, Nvidia truly put up a good effort in building this G.P.U. and this chip uses the power in a hi-tech manner, just 15 W, the power it provides is comparatively many times more than the ratio of input & output with the other two consoles.
  • Let’s consider this, these are some what electric cars, one with a maximum speed of 100mph & the other two topping at 200mph but the slower one only will go on for 10 hours straight whereas the other two will stop at only some hours, which one would you choose, the answer to this question for the most of the people would be the one with a lot of juice, why? because it’s has better power efficiency.

Never the less, no matter how much efficient the Nintendo switch is, it still can’t compete with the features of Xbox One & the PS4.

People would love to play games in 4k & even  have bought 4K television, you would have to disappointed because neither of three have that support, the maximum output is only at 1080p, this too being very unclear with  the Nintendo Switch, because at this resolution will allow the games run the switch  considering it’s small size & the low muscle power it has, and this is because some of the games will run on  upscale HD & the other one at full HD.

Nintendo switch- games such as – Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild and super Mario odyssey, both of which getting superb reviews & rating will run  in loop in the TV mode & 720 p in the handheld mode, games like Mario kart 8 deluxe & many more will be able  to satisfy  those geeks hunger, why? because in the switch, these games will run in full HD at 60FPS.

Difference between Xbox & PS4 | Reviews

Xbox One runs almost all games at 1080/30fps &  goop/ 60fps. The PS4’s storing is the same excluding the goop ones as all the games will at least run  in 1080 p/ 30fps due to it’s much stronger GPU.

The support of HDR or High dynamic range will only be available on the PS4 with the same reasons as above : much more powerful GPU.

Disc Space, Drivers & Storage

In 2018, we are living in digital world, and substantial things like DVD, Books & other things are really fun to collect, sure they do take up space, but the happiness we get from seeing them, reminds us of our childhood.  The drivers used in Xbox One & PS4  are blue-rays, difference is Xbox also supports Ultra HD blue-rays whereas the PS4 doesn’t, this is really a weired considering as Sony was one of the founding members of the Blue-ray association.

Contrary to the expectation Nintendo has chosen to go with  castridges as it had with the 3Ds, these cartridges have a available storage of 16gb which is a bit less compared to the 50 GB Blue-rays, the other two consoles have, the biggest problems with the switch,  containing only a tiny 32GB, which would be filled with the legend of Zedda & super mario odyssey, the  in built storage on the other two consoles.

And if you aren’t satisfied with that, there is an another option for it,  you can use other USB 3.0 external hard drives, or with the PS4 you can swap the 3.5” HDD with a larger one, the switch’s native storage is also up-gradable, with a memory card, of course.

Reviews of Gaming Consoles & Games

Playing heavy HD games in these consoles is most vital part of them, and not just multi platform games but exclusive games also, the Xbox one &  PS4 truly dominating in this aspect as they have already are at the 3year old age mark, even though Nintendo Switch is just recently launched, its expanding at a frightening rate, more quality content & exclusive games will be coming on the switch in the near future, while for now, PS4 is the Winner here-

Why ?

Know it yourself, read full reviews of Gaming Consoles-

It is due to new upcoming games like Uncharted: the lost legacy & the Superb Horizon : Zero down, the disadvantage of the switch is the less availability for AAA games,  games like FiFA 18 are present, but there is no sign for the games like Red dead redemption 2 and The switch dominates in the motion gaming department, due to the Joy- icon controllers. Doubling as motion remotes too, continuing their legacy of the best gaming platform.

Media used in Gaming Consoles

Actually the consoles are mainly for gaming, the media content should also be available on them, the Xbox one is the winner here due to its features of being a platform for media also, the PS4 a bit back as both of them had famous streaming services like Netflix, HULU & other ones, the switch gets a O, why?

It is because there services are totally non-existant.

Price of Gaming Consoles – Xbox, PS4 & Nintendo Switch

The Switch being a new in this list and has a price range same as Xbox One & PS4, a little patience will do no harm though, because the switch price will decrease  drastically and same thing may happen with other as well.

List of the Top Gaming Consoles so far-

PS4 > The Xbox One  >   Nintendo Switch

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