5 Pros and Cons to Use A Name Generator for Your Website

Having a domain name for your website is a pretty compulsory thing. Every business goes through a procedure of finding a domain name for their website that speaks their mind, tells about their business goals with targeting and focusing on the main audience. But it isn’t as simple and easy as it seems. The act of selecting a domain name would require some innovativeness, consideration, and contemplation. To create ease in this task, some domain name generators have been introduced.

Today, we will talk about 5 pros and cons to use a name generator for your website with the best domain provider in Pakistan.

Let’s have a look at the pros first.

1-) Register a domain name straight from the tool

When you are using domain name generator, you get the advantage to register your domain name just after you end up selecting the chosen name for your website. Besides, you will get a creative domain name, many free tools allow the work of providing identification to your service/ business which is one of the biggest pros of using a name generator.

2-) Strengthening social media access

When you select a domain name through name generator, you will get to see whether the twitter handle that matches the domain name is available. Most of the services seek for the strong social media presence and it is an additional benefit that you get from the name generating tool.

3-) Simple and friendly interface

Most domain name generators are user-friendly. You don’t have to go through massive procedures or detailed scrutiny. They are easy and comprehensive while getting a domain name. This will be a pro as you save time and get things done with much ease.

4-) Convenient domain name price comparison

Name generator provides convenient prices which you can avail by using it.

5-) Variety of extensions

Many of the domain name generators come handy with a selection of a wide range of extensions for search results.

We will further look into the cons of Name generators.

  • Crowded choice of name generating tools

When you have a lot of choices of name generators, you can get mixed up about which one to use? Or which one is the best? Internet is packed with different name generators. But there is a tip, you can select which has higher rating reviews.

  • Limited amount of keywords

Though the feature of choosing more than a single keyword is available in some of the name generators. You will only have one or two keywords entering the option in many name generators which provides limited choice to the user.

  • Filtering options

Domain name generators also come with limited filtering options, most of them. Maximum filtration allows you to have precise search, also saves time.

  • Irrelevant domain names

Many domain names suggested by the name generators can be irrelevant. Something which you would not go for as your website will be entirely based on the business or type of service you are providing you, customers.

  • .Com extensions

Some of the domain name generators only view .com extensions which are not enough.

There are other pros and cons besides what we have presented here. You can always get your hands-on research and experience of new ways in domain name generating.


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