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A recent survey has put box printing as the most viewed facet of packaging boxes. Your sales can get favorably affected with clever designs and content printed where customers notice it the most; on your products’ boxes.

Confused as to how it works?

Have you ever been shopping and be enticed by a new product? I guess you must have! The packaging is what attracts buyers to the brand at first. It is human nature to be allured to something that looks unique. The same concept applies to the packaging boxes as well. printing done right can carry out multiple tasks for your brand. apart from elevating the boxes’ look, your brand logo can be also be printed right at the most visible spot on the boxes.

The printed brand logo and name is the most important marketing tool that your brand can use to last longer in the customers’ memories. If you ask customers what they remember most about their favorite brand, the logo would be the first thing that they say.

While there are plenty of designs and custom printing available to make your task simpler. They actually can confuse you further! But don’t worry, you can read the following guide to know how you can print to perfection:

Be mindful of what the buyer takes home

Many marketing studies repeatedly emphasize printing and the fact that the brand appearance is what customers remember of their purchases. Even long after using the products, what stays with the users is the printing on the boxes. This can include:

  1. The brand name
  2. The shades implemented on the boxes
  3. Box designs
  4. Graphics and icons
  5. The brand tag lines

Without effective printing, there is no alternative way to connect with your customers. Buyers do not spend much time glancing at the retail shelves. Your products, in order to sell in high numbers, must stand distinct within a narrow time slot. And the best tool that can enable your brand to accomplish this is through engaging printing. This means that you have the liberty to present your brand exactly how you want the buyers to perceive it.

Pick the right printing process

Printing done on the boxes is technically not so different from how you print at home. Though the scale is bigger and the clarity is sharper. You must be conscious of how your boxes are printed though. Not every designer has the ability or experience to print retainable boxes.

Digital techniques enable you to craft your ideal boxes and proofread them before they go into printing. There is no room for error once your brand is displayed for the customers to see. One mistake can cost you future orders and a loss of professionalism. You need to be wary of:

  • The printing press used. This makes a whole lot of difference in the end quality and the production time.
  • The time taken for the designs to get finalized and the boxes to be ready. Customers don’t like delays in their orders.
  • The inks used. Durability must be on top of your list and the printing partner you are working with. You won’t want your products to look worn out before they reach the final consumers.
  • The custom options at hand. Experienced designers give a buffet of custom printing choices to pick from and make the process a lot simpler.

When you have all this within your custom box printing then you know that you have made the right decision!

Pick printing to suit your business cycle

You could be launching your brand, introducing new products, offering seasonal promotions, or need printing for any other commercial purpose, customization can help you directly connect with your client base.

Often buyers get encouraged to pick products owing to a special message posted on the boxes or just the printing generates their interest. Different patterns, material choices, text styles, custom elements, are available so you get the brand image on point!

Customizing is the reason why brown and bland boxes are not enough to engage the audience anymore. They expect the brand to add a personal touch to their packaging so they get a premium shopping feel. From educating the buyers about the many pros of the brand to giving a memorable unboxing feel can be realized with apt printing. It also helps to sustain growth and sales levels by adapting to the latest trends and changes in customer demands. You must have seen certain food brands incorporating new packaging for sports events or the premier of popular movies, etc.

Convey how to handle the boxes

Not every product is the same. Your customers must trust your brand for professional behavior. This involves sending products safely. Custom printed shipping boxes are ideal for this. Their performance can be further enhanced by printing the units with a handling guide. Texts like ‘handle with care’, ‘sensitive items inside’, ‘this side up’, and many more, support keeping your products secure during transit.

These instructions don’t always have to be in the form of texts, you can get relevant graphics too. Perishable items like food and medicines need special care and the boxes must inform the buyers how to store them for optimum use. Certain product boxes must also give detailed info about the manufacturing procedure and the ingredients used to make them. Printing would help your brand to avoid being fined by authorities and prompt customer loyalty by printing such info visibly.

Print marketing contents too

Printing your marketing content on the boxes is a productive and affordable way to promote your brand. Many times, brands educate buyers of the product lines offered and cross-sell. You can try innovative methods to divert customer attention to your brand and compete strongly with creative printing.


Modern box printing has taken the packaging industry by storm. Customizing the boxes is incomplete without good printing. The above short guide would definitely help you get started with it. You can reach out to us for the ultimate printing experience!


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