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Stuck with a research paper? And the deadlines are close? Having to write a research paper gives anxiety to most students. Even I used to think if there’s someone who can write my research paper for me fast every time I get a research paper to write. 

Don’t worry you won’t have to stress now, we have got you covered! Here are some of the most helpful research papers writing tips from the experts:

  1. Research WELL

As the name suggests, you need to do a lot of research from credible sources for writing a research paper. Doing proper research is going to help you in many ways:

  • Comprehending your subject matter.
  • Framing research ideas for your paper.
  • Drafting a thesis statement.
  • Being confident about your topic.

Before you begin, you must gather well-put information and review them well. Here’s a list of sources from where you can get research paper help:

  • Books, journals, and thesis.
  • Google Scholar.
  • Online databases and encyclopedias.
  • Newspapers.
  1. Organize First

Don’t quickly hop on to begin writing a research paper, plan it first. Gather all the resources, and organize all your ideas. When you are done with your thorough research you will have plenty of thoughts and ideas for your research paper, but they will all be jumbled.

To put together everything clearly, you need to focus and plan the flow of your essay. For this, you can begin with writing a crisp and to the point thesis statement that summarizes the whole research paper.

After that, the next step is creating an outline for your research. An outline includes all the main points that you’ll need to present to support your thesis statement. 

Then categorize those main points under specific sub-headings. And finally, start organizing your thoughts and all the information under those subheadings.

  1. Key Elements of a Research Paper

There are 3 main or key elements of a research paper: 

  • Introduction: Start off with a strong opening that grabs the reader’s attention instantly. A research paper need not be boring; you can be as creative as you want. Provide the context and explain the purpose of your paper.
  • Body: This is where your outline will come in handy. Apply the Rule of Three here. Make a point and support it with the arguments for each point you have made. Always remember to put across a strong point first, which should be followed by an even stronger point, and finally conclude with the strongest point.
  • Conclusion: End your research paper providing the gist of the whole paper and summarize it beautifully. Rewrite your thesis statement with a different set of words.


Now, it’s time to wrap up this article too. We hope you have got the research paper help you needed. And now you won’t need to ask if somebody can write my research paper for me fast? Now you will be able to write it yourself.

If you still need some more help with your research paper, feel free to connect to ContentSharp anytime. 


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