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We know you love your family so much (who doesn’t?).

Well, when it comes to family’s health, we can’t afford to take even a single risk, however, despite of keeping all the safety measurements in mind, forget the basics.

Yes, we’re talking about the indoor pollution which though can’t be seen in the Air and Water, but can leave a pestilent effect on our family’s health. Remember, with the growing amount of toxic pollution, even the homes we live in are not safe.

So, here are the top 5 home appliances that will help your family stay healthy.

  1. Indoor Air Purifier

    A most of individuals are still under the impression that if they are living at home, they are better detached with the impure air but the fact is rather shocking. Yes, Indoor air is 5 times more polluted than the outdoor air having formaldehyde, pollen, dust, VOC deteriorate and Cigarette smoke elements. So help your family breath fresh air by installing a high-quality, technologically advanced air Purifier.

  2. RO Water Purifier

    The normal water supply in our homes is poorly contaminated, there are lacks of harmful elements which can’t be seen from the naked eyes. In this case, a best RO water purifier for home built up with the advanced technology can help you get pure germs free water. A technologically advanced RO water purifier use a multi-stage purification process of RO+UV+ UF to remove the innumerable physical and chemical impurities from the water.

  3. Vegetable Cleaner

    What you eat is what you are, but when you have vegetables infected with chemicals, pesticides and several types of harmful preservatives, you can’t ensure a good health. That’s why bring a good quality vegetable cleaner for your kitchen which uses an advanced ozone disinfection technology to eradicate the chemicals and pesticides on the surface.

  4. Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

    Though you already drink a filtered water and believe it to enough purified, but hey, that’s not just enough. To add an extra layer of protection, you should use a water filter pitcher that keeps the water’s pH level balanced. pH works to measure the level of Alkalinity and Acidity in all types of liquids, including water. A good quality water filter pitcher better removes the physical and chemical impurities in water and make it healthy.

  5. Cold Pressed Juicer

    Juices are the regular part of your diet that give our body a required amount of nutrition. However, the packaged juices that we buy from the store are not at all healthy. Ready-made juices are often full of harmful preservatives and contain a meagre amount of nutritional value. Therefore, bring a good quality cold pressed juicer because it doesn’t generate much heat and thereby retain the nutritional value in the juices.

So, get these appliances today and help your family stay healthy while being at home because indoor pollution is way more harmful than the outdoor pollution.

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