Google user made this Technical Review about ‘Okay Google’

Google is Just awesome, why?

Read more and know about 'Okay Google'.

Google’s virtual assistance is far better and useful for us. It is just awesome for Android users who can call ‘Okay Google’. And a google browser popes up on the screen, waiting for your next command.

There is not any wonder if we say that virtual assistants like, Siri, Cortana and now this amazing OK google are replacing human brain.

Okay Google

It is one of the most amazing features of Google and just a voice command that all android or google glass users can give to use google search.

ga('create', 'UA-78809434-1', 'auto'); ga('send', 'pageview');

It can be used on any screen of your android smart phone and google assists you, at its best.

You can ask these after you say ‘Okay Google’

You can do almost everything with ‘Okay Google’, from your most important business appointment to listening to your favorite music, and what not. It helps you to set an alarm, dial any number, send text on messaging or whats App and more on your android phone just using your voice command.

  • Take a picture/snapshot
  • Open any site by its domain name
  • Set and alarm or wake me up at a certain time: just sets an alarm on its own
  • Reminder
  • Find…
  • Call/Dial…
  • Make a note
  • Text…
  • Post to
  • Send email to…
  • Navigate to
  • Where is the nearest important place?
  • Direction to your destined place
  • Show me my flight details
  • Where is this location?
  • What is pounds in dollars
  • play music of your favorite singer
  • Next Song/ Pause song
  • Make me a Burger( Audio Guide)
  • Who are you? ( Audio Guide)
  • When am I? (Audio reply)

Say, You might ask it to ‘call John Smith’ , ‘Show me walking direction hotel’, ‘Remember to book flight tomorrow’, ‘ open calendar app’, or what ever you like.


And if you forgot any recipe in the kitchen then Okay Google will surely assist you step by step. You need not to touch even a single button on the screen. Just Say ‘Okay Google’ and ask for your favorite recipe.

How to use ‘Okay Google’ from any screen?

Yes you heard that right, now you can give command to google by your voice on any screen of your Android phone. If you are charging your phone or your screen is just on, it is enough for google to catch your voice and follows your commands.

Want to set ‘Okay Google’ in your Android today?

Just Follow these simple steps.

  1. Open Google app in your phone
  2. On the top left, click on menu
  3. Setting
  4. Select Voice option
  5. ‘Okay’ Google detection

Say ‘Okay Google’ to start a voice search from the google app.







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