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Everything about Google X which is a semi- secret subsidiary project of Alphabet inc.. Now lets go into deep knowledge about this top secret research program which was started by Google in 2010, runs as a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. and its headquarter is only 1.5 miles away from the head quarter of google in California. ‘X’ is its name and for more people are getting to know it as Google x, projects happening in this are overseen by scientist Astro Teller, CEO and very good captain of another project -“Moonshots”.

The starting mission of this ‘X’ was to provide safest self driving cars, and later in 2015 when google restructured into its parent company- Alphabet inc, then Google X was separately renamed as ‘X’.

Projects under Google X

Actually this project had been running as a secret part of google when we were using other products of google, but later  in 2014, Google mentioned major projects of Google X or only ‘X’, and the mission of X is to make world more technology friendly and solve problems of the world.

  • Wing
  • Waymo ( Self driving Car)
  • Glass
  • Barge
  • Explorations
  • Graduated Projects
  • More Projects

Waymo (Self Driving Car)
In 2014 or may earlier when google revealed about ‘X’ then it introduced eight projects which will be under focus in this new company of Alphabet, these eight projects would include- Loon, Wing, Glass,  Brain, and the driver less car or self driving car ( Waymo).

Waymo: It is a projects started by Google, and it deals only with technology required for driverless car. And google announced that Waymo would a new company under Alphabet Inc in the end of 2016. This new company Waymo is now let by Sebastian , engineer from Google and director of the Standford AI lab.

‘Sebastian Thrun is also the co inventor of google’s streets views’

And Google is following laws for driverless cars, as united state of Nevada did pass laws related to self driving cars in 2011, actually this license of self driving car was issued to Toyota Prius and this was built with google’s technology of driver less cars. Later this Toyota Prius was tested in autonomous mode for a distance of 2lac Km.


This project of Google deals with a mission – Internet access to everyone on this planet, and in this they are creating internet providing balloons which would flyover stratosphere. Loops uses all possible wireless technology which helps those who are in need and provides internet using routers.


In this project of Google research & program takes place to work on augmented reality head mounted display. And this project Glass would deal with hands free displaying of all available info and other entertainment stuff. hands free displays has been the main concern of Glass and these all with natural signals like voice & gesture controlling system.


This project is similar to Amazon Prime Air, where products can be delivered to people as fast as we can through air. This project was announced in 2014, and even before this time Google had been working on this project for two years, and had secretly tested in Australia.

How wing works?

In this projects a cargo flies vertically upward carrying goods & products and then moves horizontally before reaching to the customers place, where its deliver machine delivers the package and lifts back the machine. This testing was all good but the customer compromised the safety when the product was dropped from the air.


Google revealed that it has four barged in 2013, until now this project was kept under secret development, and now it can be speculated that barge would a floating data center, or providing internet through floating structures.

Graduated Projects:

  • Google cares a lot about public welfare, both in providing information from the world and taking care of health of people in the world. This project ‘Graduated Project’ is much related to this concern, as  in this Google contact Lens, which would be a smart one, that would be built to give help to people with diabetes. Google Contact Lens would measure the glucose level in tears, this project as introduced in 2014.
  • Google Brain : this part of research in “X” has gathered enough funds and attention as well to say that project Google X would be a huge success.
  • Waymo
  • Dandelion : its related to geothermal energy, which would be sold to the consumers
  • Google Watch
  • Verily
  • Gcam
  • Project insight
  • Flux
  • Project Tengo
  • Daydream View

Other concerns under Google X

  • Calcifer
  • foghorn
  • Web of things
  • Batteries which may last longer
  • Malta

Subsidiaries of Alphabets Inc

It is tough to say ‘No’, but Google has rejected many projects as well including space elevator, which might have costed them more then social benefits. Actually a lot of things were revealed in 2016 TED x talk given by ‘Astro Teller, captain of Moonshoot.

So, there are more reasons that we can see Google X as a huge successful projected every created by any company in the world, as it has all potential field to help humanities to comes together and connect.

Big fish always eats smaller one and gets bigger and bigger, similar things have happened with google X as well, many companies have been merged into ‘X’ so that company can have diverse skill which can help the company to complete its mission.

Major skills required to be the part of ‘X’ are wind turbines, humanoid robots, robotic arms, robotics, AI, and computer visions.  here are the companies which were acquired by ‘X’

  • Makani Power in 2013
  • Gecko Design  ub 2014
  •  Meka Robotics, Boston Dynamics Redwood Robotics, and Jetpac in 2015
  • Google X sold a company as well, Boston dynamics to Softbank Group

Campus of Google X

Campus of X is 1.5 miles away from the main headquarter of the big giant company Google, its building is normal and has some fountain before its main building. And as always google is very good with its employees, now it providing them bikes to reach to the campus.

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