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It is a latest trendGuest blog on already popular sites, Free Guest posting seo and get do follow backlinks or not follow backlinks. In 2018, free guest posting has become a great tool  to generate more backlinks to your site or blog. And if you are good and creative writer, can post useful content then you are on the right track.

Adding value to other blog by becoming guest blogger, writing on latest tech bloggers who are already popular, is the easiest way to get links and traffic both on your newly created business or blog. But…:(

Is this a right way? — Does Google favors guest blogging ? — Do we get high rank on Google by guest blogging?Lets see —

Free Guest posting seo
Tech blog for free guest posting | SEO – Google

Free Guest posting seo | Trick to get free online traffic

Here we are including some of the most useful tricks for you, feel free to follow these and get immense traffic on your website or blog or e-commerce store or anything. But follow them sincerely, lets get started–

  1. Guest Publishing / Guest blogging / Guest posting-
    Do you know everything about your niche?May be yes, but what if you don’t know all about figure & facts about your niche Oops!

    Don’t worry, always start with one thing: define your niche very clear and then search for people who have same field of interest as yours. Yes, now your half of the work is done here; Next you have find the best one in them. So you can follow the latest & the top one in your niche.

    How to follow, how to get traffic that they are already getting? It is very simple: duplicate what they are doing, or outwork there topics by writing more than them, by posting more quality content then them, by being more frequent them them.
    But what if you don’t want to duplicate the content, it’s Okay!
    Some times, you want to be original – And google always give priority to the original one so you have more chances to rank high in lesser time. But in this case also, you have to find your competitors and then check the topics for which they are popular.
    If they allow guest posting, good, ask them for free or paid guest posting that will give you backlinks and free traffic, wow! And yes, this work better than buying links from freelancers.

  2. Organic search traffic-
    Before you start: think and answer these simple questions:
    What is the need of your audience?
    When does your audience need it and why?
    You just don’t have to be relevant and frequent with your content, but you should dig your topics deeper so your user, consumer or even for bloggers- readers can relate themselves for longer time.
    “People must be hungry for your content, every single time.”
    And you are just a google search away from your success, simple search for some relevant keywords to your niche, instead of throwing content to your audience, study the market and try to solve the problems in your niche.
  3.  How to start Guest posting for free | SEO
    “Always try to use Q & A phrases into your content, means: use “how to start guest posting for free?”, “how get free traffic on your blog from google?”, “how to rank on google for any keyword?” “how to start a tech blog in 2018?”
    something like that, and we are telling you this, why ? because of one big reason that people often use search engine to ask questions for their problems.We should say, it happens almost every time. People want search engines to give solutions of their problems. And that is the only reason google give priority to those websites which are serving good in problem solving algorithm.
  4. Which content rank high on Google?
    Oh! What if you may know the answer and start doing it today, wow! no  ? you can start it today, yes today.
    Google give priority to older content each and every time someone searches on it for a keyword. So start writing or posting about anything but try to be the first one in that field, even if your topic is hypothetical, its okay. Not a problem, if your content is original and you are the first one to hit it perfectly on the web, you will definitely get no. one rank in search engine.
    Don’t believe, Okay!Try one topic today, and that topic must be totally unique and publish it with deeper knowledge. We can bet your highest rank on google for that topic. If not, simple contact us and we will show you how to rank high on google for any keyword.
  5. Free marketing or Paid advertisements on Google / facebook-
    Don’t worry, we will tell you more about free marketing stuff or simple tricks to get free traffic from google. But are you serious ? no / yes: let us see “if you can get tons of traffic from google for free you can make 7 figure income every single month.” And it has been happening with bloggers already, so you can do that too.And we are telling you why you should never go for paid traffic / paid traffic from google or Facebook. It is because of two things-
    —-A. You cannot pay every time as google or facebook ads are too much costly.
    —-B. Paid traffic can’t give you high rank on search engines.

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