Your Guide to Understanding Amazon MAP Pricing and How to Enforce It

The eCommerce giants like Amazon are full of competition, with several merchants selling the same product. Competition is good for consumers because it forces companies to compete for sales.

When companies compete for sales, prices naturally fall. High competition like these makes it difficult for brands to monitor their product pricing. That is why policies for Amazon brand protection such as MAP ensure that sellers do not sell products below the brand’s set prices. 

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What Is MAP Pricing?

Curious about what is MAP pricing? Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) is the set of policies formed by the brand owners and manufacturers. These policies define the lowest price point at which the retailers and sellers can advertise a product.

Regardless of where you are in the world, there are MAP policies for practically every product available, and these regulations are vast. Brands and producers develop these MAPs with great efforts, and that’s why they keep a close eye on the market for any MAP violations.

MAP policies directly impact the brand’s reputation in the market. Imagine a customer gets to see price differences of the same brand on physical and online stores or on two different online stores.

How much will it impact the brand? Similarly, not just for the customers, maintaining MAP is essential for the brand’s relationship with retailers and resellers. So, no retailer can come back to the brand and point out another retailer or shop that is selling the same product at a lower price. 

How Does Trading on Amazon Impact Brand’s MAP Policy?

Amazon is a marketplace for intermediary sellers. When you start selling your goods on Amazon, you give up control over the pricing and branding of your product. Because of the high level of competition, different merchants may offer your product at various rates. Sellers can even reduce the product’s price below the specified price by the brand.

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When there’s a chance to win the purchase box, Amazon is renowned for breaking the brand’s MAP restrictions by reducing prices.

How to Enforce Amazon’s Minimum Advertised Price Policy

Although implementing your pricing strategies on Amazon can be challenging, it is critical for the success of your business. It’s how you safeguard your profits, brand recognition, and relationships with wholesalers and distributors.

You’ll need to change your business approach if you’re worried about how to enforce map pricing on Amazon. The appropriate business plan and MAP policy will help you in improving your profitability while also enhancing your connection with your distributor.

Here are some ideas for enforcing your Amazon MAP pricing.

Determine who your main brand distributor is

The first step in executing your MAP policy is to identify the essential brand distributor for your company. To begin, examine your distributors’ MAP pricing policy and the amount of involvement they have with you. Look for a sudden and clear increase in trading volume and frequency; this shows that the seller is breaking the MAP rules.

Send a firm cease-and-desist letter.

A cease and desist letter is a strong-worded letter written by an attorney to notify the offender that their violation could lead to legal action.

Once you have identified the distributor that has violated your brand MAP policy, you can send a cease letter mentioning all the infringements and what they can do to deal with them. 

Serialize Your Products

The best way to keep track of any distributor that might be violating your brand’s MAP is to give a serial number to your products and sell it accordingly to your distributors. This way, if you see a merchant selling under MAP, you can sample and purchase the stuff and compare the serial number to previous sales. This will reveal to which distributor the merchandise was sent.

Monitor Your Brand Price

Many software has been developed that keeps track of and monitors your brand’s price by frequently keeping a check on Amazon. These price monitoring software can instantly detect and alert you to any MAP price violations. 

Amazon Brand Registry

The best way to ensure your brand protection and enforce MAP policy is to register for Amazon Brand Registry. This permits only limited and verified sellers to sell your brand’s products.

The brand registry helps both sellers and the brand itself by promoting the brand’s products to a larger audience. The use of various Amazon brand analytic tools ensures that only registered sellers can sell your products, making it easier for you to enforce MAP policy. 

Final Words:

MAP policies give the brand control over its price visibility. However, these policies can be quite controversial as they take away the spirit of competition from distributors and retailers.

Amazon does not enforce MAP on its sellers, so you, being a brand owner, will have to monitor the Amazon sellers themselves to identify the MAP violation. You can use amazon analytics tools to identify the prices and catch MAP policy-violating sellers on Amazon. 


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