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Guidelines for Free Guest Posting | tech blog for free Guest Blogging

enter site Guidelines for Free Guest Blogging | SEO | Quality Backlinks

Do’s & Don’t s

  • Avoid copy paste : Start writing original content and then hit publish.
  • Always try to come up with new idea, catchy if you can
  • Don’t just add do-follow backlinks, first add large and useful content.
  • Commenting is the best way to engage your readers but don’t add too many links in comment box.
  • Read go to site Guidelines for Free Guest Blogging | SEO

Guidelines for Free Guest Posting – Latest Technical Reviews Guidelines for Free Guest Posting: Now, when you are looking for building “Quality backlinks” that Google, Bing, or other search engine will count then read these. It is because if you start collecting data of sites for guest blogging  and write on them with your do-follow backlinks. You can’t afford some fatal mistakes that can drop down the rank of your website. Unfortunately your business may go down.


It won’t cost you a dime to work on these “Guidelines for Free Guest Posting“, so let’s get into it-

  1. Guidelines for Free Guest Posting on  LTR magazine  –   Simply Register with your email ID, Verify and Login.
  2. Click on Add new Post, media, etc
  3. Write or Paste your Original content, Original images
  4. Try to make the content as Useful as possible
  5. Now, check _ Yoast Plugin must Show Green Bubble
  6. Write – Focused Keyword
  7. Add featured Images (Add Alt tag = focused keyword)
  8. Add Categories – relevant to your Topic
  9. Mention – Relevant tag
  10. Word Limit: 1000 words + ( For high quality traffic try to write  5000+ words)
  11. Always share the link of your Post on Facebook, twitter, Instagram and other
  12. Write with consistency : Always post “guest articles” with consistency. It is better to write as many guest post as you can. Post on regular basis and publish useful content only.
  13. WhatsApp Groups : It has become new trend now, millions of people now are on WhatsApp and if you have good no. of friend circle, you can share the link there also.
    Yes, sharing you Guest post in WhatsApp Groups can also give your immense traffic.
    So, create WhatsApp Groups for SEO or digital promotions, it works. Try it today, comment the result that you see afterwards.
  14. Instagram Posts: Add the link of your Guest post in bio of your Instagram profile.
  15. Quora: Answer to people’s questions and add the link of your Guest post

What are Quality Backlinks?

Backlinks are links on other websites pointing to your website. And if suck links are coming from reputed websites which already have good rank or traffic then these links are called “Quality backlinks”.

And fortunately “Guest Blogging” has become Latest method to create such links without investing a lot of money in buying backlinks generated by bots.

“Avoid backlinks generated by Software or bots as they are not useful and can never help you in ranking your website.”

Why Should I do SEO of my Online Business?

SEO Tips & Tricks

Search Engine Optimization has made many online business successful. But what if you still are struggling with this SEO thing, you should read these-

  • Content of your Online Business:
  • Consistency of your Delivery :
  • Relevancy or Quality: What matters the most?
  • Social mentions:
  • Quality Backlinks:
  • Brand Value:
  • Online Trust:
  • Mouth Publicity:
  • Video – the next Big thing:
  • Images:
  • Mention of your business on other Businesses :
  • Avoid Short Cuts:

Latest method to create Quality Backlinksis “Guest Blogging“, Guest Posting, Creating do-follow backlinks with Guest writing, Writing as guest on other popular blogs, etc.


Did you know? Guest blogging is going to be the next big thing in promoting your online business effectively. And now, you have read the article and have understood what is guest blogging?

Cool! Hold On tight.

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