Healthy Living: How Your Home Affects Your Health

Most of the persons are spending more time in their house and it could affect their overall health. The research has proved that spending more time in the house noticeably impact your health. To make a healthy life you should avoid some kind of activities like spends more time cleaning the house, changing the bulbs, painting colors and reduce spending time in front of electronics. Let us discuss the things of painting colors how could affect your health.

Changing the colors of your home it might be affecting your well-being health. It will spoil your physical health and affects your mental health as well. 

Painting different color how affects your mind

 Home Painting with different colors plays a major role in creating a different mood. To make a fresh mind you can decorate your rooms with different colors.

Living Room: Paint warm colors like reds and Yellow encourage stimulates your conversation.

Kitchen: Blue and white brings back your memories, Reds and Oranges encourage the activity like eating 

Bedroom: Cool colors like blue and green help to sleep otherwise Blue promotes calm and intelligence.

Green alone encourages your productivity. 

How paint fumes affect your health

Paints are the mixture of pigments of color, and it includes resins for binding power and other additives that make paint faster drying, easier to apply and resistant to mold. These ingredients dissolve in either water or organic solvents. Most of the pigments of the paint are dissolved in solvents that are called Oil-based Paints.

Oil-Based Paints

Oil-based and other Petroleum-based paints are having vapors effect. When you painted your home newly and the vapor of the paint is very harmful to your breathiness. These vapors are called Volatile Organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs are released in the air as a gas it contains organic compound such as paints and vanishes.

These types of paints can cause headaches, eye irritation, nausea, dizziness, and fatigue.  

It is not good for pregnant ladies, kids and the people who have respiratory problems.  

When you smell this for the long term and create serious health problems like liver and kidney damage.

It can cause skin allergies when the pains are getting onto your skin.

When you smell the vapor it can cause asthma.

How to get rid of paint Smells and Safety tips

If you want to avoid those health issues you need to do some things. Because of air pollution and vapor of the texture paint, you will be getting the health problem to avoid that use least VOC emission paint and after painting your home remove the vapor as soon as possible. Follow the things to maintain the quality of your indoor air during and after painting of your home.

Just buy only as much as you need do not buy too much quantity. After painting your house do not keep the leftover paints inside the house. Just keep it away from your house.

Mostly choose a water-based Paint and before to buy read the labels and ensure that the VOCs are in a safe range.

While painting home, create ventilation as much as possible for your rooms and you can be reduced the VOC concentration by opening windows and running fans.

While painting gives some break to your rooms to breathe fresh air.

Do not keep the furniture things while you painting because it may absorb the VOCs concentration so avoid keeping inside. If you do not have any options, to keep the things outside just cover those things with clothes or plastic papers. 

After painting the home wait for 72 hours and then return home.

Bottom Line

Therefore follow those precautions to avoid health problems. Mostly use water-based paints with different colors to make a fresh mind of you.


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