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Change is inevitable. Therefore one needs to embrace the change and adjust to it. The world has become digitized, and most institutions, including schools and hospitals, to mention a few, are adapting to the new technology.  People are no longer doing things manually. Therefore children should be introduced to technology while in school. They should be familiar with using digital gadgets.

The Global Indian International School in Tokyo through the Global School Foundation (GFS) offers this scholarship to support learners’ interest in operating digital devices. The Hideki Yukawa Global Skills Scholarship, is a one-year scholarship tenure awarded to GIIS students in Tokyo in grades 1-12 and IBPD year 1 and 2 for the CBSE, CLSP, IB PYP, IBDE, and GCSE curricular. Learners who show proficiency in operating digital devices can apply for the scholarship

To apply for the Hideki Yukawa Global Skills Scholarship for students, a learner should;

Ensure that they are Eligible

Do you qualify for the scholarship? Before submitting an application letter, you should check the scholarship eligibility criteria and ensure that you can apply. There are four categories in the eligibility criteria, with different scholarship value allocation in each category. The learner should therefore apply for the class they qualify for. For instance, the first category’s eligibility criteria dictate that a learner must rank amongst the top 10 students at the Olympiad by STEM Olympiad or robotics Olympiad. Or, be top 3 national prize winners at the national children’s science congress’s annual competition, and they are eligible for a 19% tuition fees waiver. 

Therefore any learner who does not meet the minimum requirements for this category should not apply. The Hideki Yukawa global skills scholarship also requires that all applicants be Japanese residents. If you apply for the scholarship when you are not eligible, there is a guarantee of your application’s dismissal. 

Attach all the Relevant Documents

What credentials does the scholarship require you to attach? Applicants for the Hideki Yukawa Global Skills Scholarship must check the documents the scholarship requires them to connect. Some of these documents include;

  • Proof of a thesis or a publication.
  • Proof of an invented tool, instrument, or application
  • The academic performance record of the past two years

In submitting the application letter, the learner should attach these documents as failing to do so will lead to the dismissal of their application.

Be Honest in the application

The Hideki Yukawa, Global skills scholarship, is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the learners. Therefore, one may be tempted to fabricate some of the documents. For instance, they could submit a tool invented by someone else to increase their chances of winning the scholarship. However, sugar-coating information only reduces your chances of getting the scholarship; hence a student needs to be as honest as possible.

Avoid shortcuts

How bad do you want the scholarship? When one wants something, they will do anything to get it, which leads to falling into the traps of con games. So do not let your desire to win the scholarship lead to the hands of scammers and con men. Do not pay any amount to win the scholarship. It is worth noting that once you submit your application for the Hideki Yukawa global skills scholarship, the scholarship organizers notify successful applicants within 10 working days via email. 

The organizers invite Successful applicants for an interview, and then there is scholarship selection and disbursement. Therefore, any arrangement away from this should raise the alarm, and you should avoid it. 

Submit a Polished application

Your application is your only chance to make an impression; therefore, you should make it count. Ensure that your application stands out. Avoid any grammatical errors or use of a casual tone. Be formal and use a globally accepted language. Be keen on your word diction. You should ensure that your application reflects your competency.

Before submitting the application letter, have someone you trust to go through the application; they are likely to identify some mistakes that may not have caught your eye.  Doing this will guarantee the submission of an error-free application.

Observe Deadlines

Be keen on the deadlines. Ensure that you submit your application form before the stated deadline. You do not want to miss the opportunity to win the Hideki Yukawa global skills scholarship by sending in your application past the due date, or do you?

Steps for filing your loan application

You are now aware of what to consider in your application. The following is a guide on how to apply for the scholarship;

  • Step 1: Filling the Application Form

Visit the scholarship website, click on apply, and fill in the application form.

  • Step 2: Submission of the Application Form

Submit your application. Ensure that you submit an application form with all the relevant documents to avoid automatic disqualification of your application.

The Hideki Yukawa Global skills Scholarship is crucial due to the following reasons;

Spikes Learners interest in Digital Devices

For a student to win the educational scholarship, they have to show proficiency in using digital devices. The scholarship requires students to attach a digital tool or instrument or an application while applying for the scholarship. Therefore, to win the scholarship, learners have to be knowledgeable about operating digital devices, which comes in handy in students’ lives. Hideki Yukawa Global skills scholarship motivates students to learn how to use digital devices while still in school.

Makes schooling in Global Indian International School in Tokyo Affordable

GIIS Tokyo is a private school offering universal education with the guidance of competent and experienced knowledge givers. The school is equipped with libraries and laboratories and provides a holistic curriculum to its students; for this reason, most parents wish to enrol their children. However, the cost of sustaining the children in the school is very high for some parents; hence they cannot afford it. But the Hideki Yukawa global skills scholarship allows parents to afford to sustain their children in GIIS Tokyo. 

Increases Learners Chances of Landing a Job in the Future

Mentioning that you benefited from the Hideki Yukawa global skills scholarship in your resume increases your chances of getting a lucrative job. A job applicant who mentions a scholarship in their resume is likely to get a job faster than one who does not. The reason? Many employers are aware that winning a scholarship is not a walk in the park. One has to be focused, hardworking, and determined to win a scholarship. These qualities make one an excellent employee; therefore, employers are happy to have you in their taskforce.

Boosts learners Confidence

To win the Hideki Yukawa global skills scholarship, a learner must present an invented tool or application, which is not an easy thing to develop. Therefore, when one finally wins the scholarship, they become confident in their abilities, which translates to believing that they can achieve anything they set their mind to. Confidence is a lifelong attribute that leads one to surpass any limits even when they become adults so long as one sets their mind to do anything.

Children need to be introduced to technology while they are still in school. The Global Indian International School in Tokyo seeks to recognize and encourage learners who show prowess in operating digital gadgets by awarding the Hideki Yukawa Global School scholarship. Learners should, therefore, familiarize themselves with everything about the scholarship and apply.


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