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Monsoon is definitely the most beautiful time of the year which welcomes freshness within the air, after hot summer days. This season brings out the simplest of all, the feeling of petrichor, cool breeze and relaxing sound of the raindrops – all bring a sense of joy.

For no obvious reason we all feel a desire to stay the windows open for the refreshing wind to rush into our homes and spread the earthy fragrance.

But unfortunately, monsoons are bad for our homes. As a Wall Care Expert at Berger Paints India Limited, I receive countless concerns of house owners regarding dampness and water seepage problems. Most of the days, problems occur during or after the monsoon season.

During monsoon, moisture gets collected within the walls, leading to damp patches, cracked walls and peeling paints. and therefore the prime reason behind the damage isn’t just the low-quality construction material, but also the utilization of inferior quality of paint on exterior layers of house walls.

There are many sorts of wall paints available on the market, but not all are prepared to affect water-related problems. Using low-grade exterior wall paints cause wall surface deterioration. And when it happens, water seeps through the exterior layer and gets collected within the wall pores, which ends up in damp patches and peeling paint.

The best solution to avoid this hassle is to urge your house walls prepared for the monsoon season. For the entire safety from monsoon and other weather, it’s recommended to color walls with proper procedure.

Analyse the Cracks on Walls

Take Waterproofing precautions

In most cases, wall paint damage or blistering on walls appears thanks to the utilization of substandard paint that results in damage to walls. Concrete absorbs water easily which can later spread into the inner walls and damage them.

However, monsoon isn’t all about only the rain and winds, but also brings with it tons of dust. This makes it important that the outside layer of your walls is well shielded from water also as dust. the kinds of paints you ought to consider include:

Silicon-Based – This reacts as honest protection against water, allowing the walls to remain damp-proof.  it’s going to be used on exterior and interior walls.

Polymer-Based – this enables the outside walls to remain protected against dust as monsoon leads to wind-flow which attracts tons of dust on the outside walls.

For entire protection against water and mud during monsoon season in India, using WeatherCoat LongLife for exterior walls may be a good investment because it prevents your walls from all monsoon-related situations. It’s Nano Silicon Technology allows it to possess 100% water repellency while Polymer composition within the paint makes it an entire solution to your exterior walls from dust.

Sometimes, it’s impossible to try to do the texture paints before monsoon and therefore the walls get damaged. There’s nothing to stress about it as this happens with many of us who call our mural teams to repair their walls and repaint them after the monsoon. There are ways during which a damaged wall is often repaired, but it requires expertise and therefore the right tools.

To repair a damaged wall before repainting, it’s recommended that the inside also as exterior wall cracks be covered and home paint treatment is applied carefully.

Additionally, damaged wall tiles and water pipes should be immediately replaced or repaired to stop water seeping. If left untreated, damaged tiles and drainage pipes may cause trouble because the water goes directly into the walls. Since repairing tiles and pipes isn’t a DIY thing, calling knowledgeable is preferred for better results.

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