Home Staging: A Short Guide on Everything You Need To Know

One will often find hundreds of pictures of beautiful homes with their elegantly designed rooms and furniture on all magazines’ pages. Ironically, all these photos are what is known as “staged” pictures of homes that are designed in such a way that they bring out the best visuals and aesthetics. Home stagers that create the best property styling Sydney has to offer will review a house and make changes either in design, furniture, materials or paint, to make them look more than their worth and bring out their best looks. It is a selling tactic where staging allows the home to increase its perceived value in the market. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the residential property prices in Australia’s eight major cities rose by 0.8% in the first quarter of 2020. Many transactions and sales have proved that home buyers have increased sale offers because the houses were staged.

What Exactly Is Home Staging?

Home staging cannot be singled out to be a specific process. Anything that involves redecoration, renovation, painting and moving furniture in such a way that it looks more visually pleasing and elegant can be defined as home staging. It is usually done before taking photos for listings in magazines or sale and auction adverts. In short, any process that turns a dull and drab place into a homely and bright design is what home staging is all about. 

Home staging has tremendous impacts on the sales of various residences that are otherwise slow or dead in the market. Best staged photos can attract more buyers online and bring more reach to sales and networks.

How Home Staging Is Done:

Professional services usually carry out the process, and it is done before the house or residence is set up for the market. If it is an empty home or room, the company will bring in the necessary furniture sets to make the space more aesthetically pleasing. Existing furniture can be used if the homeowner is confident enough to display them, and it costs less too. Most experts do the following to make sure they have the perfect picture for listing:

  • Move the furniture around or remove them to create more space and remove congestion. 
  • Existing decorations or objects like couches, seats, antiques, pillows and cushions are utilised to bring in that homely feel for the photos.
  • Reduce personal items or material possessions as much as they can to reduce cluttering. 

If the buyer strikes a bargain, the residence is prepared for a tour or a walkthrough of the premises. 

Advantages Of Home Staging: 

Visually and financially, staging a home comes with a lot of benefits. Whenever buyers search for a home, they are looking for a lifestyle that they can comfortably live in. The best property styling Sydney has to offer steers a buyer’s thinking into that particular mindset and enables them to visualise living on such a property safely. It will also make every home seem ready to occupy, as staging allows homes to look like they don’t need extra repairs or decorations. Another significant benefit is that they can be more attractive and catchy when listed in magazines, social media or advertisements. This attracts the attention of more buyers and furthers the prospects of selling the home or residence. Consequently, it will raise the property’s worth and allows the homeowner to sell it for a higher market price.

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