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People might be thinking that mid size sedan is dead, but this Car coming in 2018 will change your mind. Now, buyers are showing interest in Honda Accord and they have right reasons to do so, read more and know some details about this car.  Latest sedan from Honda is coming in 2018 and it has so many feature to attract its customers back, and it is because of its powerful engine, efficiency and cargo size space.

2018 Honda Accord: Driving the new sedan

Some details about the dimensions-

  • 40 years old company’s new launch 2018 Honda will be 10mm wider and 10 mm shorter , supported on 55mm wheelbase.
  • Lowered seating base
  • 192 Horse power and 192 pound feet torque
  • Motor with 30 MPG in the city, 38 MPG on the highway

“Yes, it has all of it, manual setting and with a clutch and everything needed.”

HOnda accord latest car coming in 2018
Accord latest car coming in 2018 Reviews

Honda Accord 2018 – Everything you need to know

2018 Honda accord
2018 Honda accord
2018 honda accord_everything you need to know
2018 honda accord_everything you need to know

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