How Can Custom Printed Shipping Boxes Improve Food Packaging?

It is more important now than ever to concentrate on food packaging. With food retailers opting for new selling channels and customers having more global choices, the packaging must be upgraded immediately. Custom printed shipping boxes have the potential to expand the brand’s reach in terms of getting more buyers and presenting the brand in the best light.

The current wave of the virus has evolved how customers shop. Less physical contact means more e-commerce activities in the food industry. Updated shipping boxes have soared in demand recently. Customers want their food items to arrive as if they were bought from the nearest retail store. Brands can customize every bit of the boxes to generate improved customer curiosity and deliver products fresh.

How can custom shipping boxes help food packaging?

Even though you must have seen customized boxes around, very few sellers know what scope these hold for packaging food items.

For starters, customers can know what the brand is all about within the first glance at the boxes. secondly, the boxes are imprinted with nutritional facts and thirdly, the boxes are shaped uniquely to fit with the products.

While you may be thinking that this is it, you would be pleasantly surprised to know that this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Scroll through this article to know in-depth how customized boxes cater to food products.

One: A reliable built

What do food retailers wish most? It is definitely the shipping of food products safe and undamaged. Perishable items need to be delivered quickly and in containers that keep their elegance mutation-proof.

Custom material choices help with this. Corrugated stock is touted as the best stock paper for sending shipments. It suits well with food products due to its naturally cushioned walls that protect products and keep them bacteria-free. Custom dimensions create offbeat shapes to grab customer focus instantly and help them retain the brand look for a long time.

Two: Pleasant features

The products are as tasteful as the containers! It is a fact that people like food items better when they look good too.

Picking materials that are eco-friendly and safe for food items matters. You don’t want to use toxic inks to print on the inside of the food packages. It may lead to the items getting contaminated. The boxes can be adorned with custom ribbons and seals that enhance appeal while securing products more strongly.

Gable boxes are a recent addition. Most bakeries use these to send confectionaries and delicacies. The material used is laminated and coated with glossy and matte variations so they are made weather-resistant.

Such innovation is only viable through custom box creations. Shipping, particularly, requires boxes that take the food items to the planned destinations effectively while informing the viewers of the business values.

Three: Professional printing

Food retailers and manufacturers can get the custom printed shipping boxes made by experts within a click.

The modern printing press has digitalized the way boxes are crafted. The precise dimensions and content can be proofread by retailers before printing and last-minute changes can also be entertained. The end boxes are durable, sturdy, and perfectly aligned with the sellers’ vision. The boxes arrive on time and thus avoid delays in customer orders.

Professionals even guide with the box designing. They can offer free templates and affordable box construct. The corrugated material is easily available and doesn’t add considerably to total costs. Food manufacturers looking to manage costs can find this very useful. They can send food products:

  • On-time
  • In good condition.
  • Lower customer complaints
  • Emboss the boxes with differentiated brand look
  • Push up sales.
  • Enhance overall profitability.

How to make the boxes more attractive?

Some of the best ways of grabbing more eyeballs are to add foil stamping and die-cutting on the shipping boxes. the shining features would immediately draw attention. Another method is to use vibrant colors for the brand name and logo. Shades allure the audience and attach a lively ambiance to the brand.

Similarly, using window cutouts and true graphics could give buyers a fair product picture and compel them to trust the brand. Seeing radiant boxes at the customers’ doorsteps would leave a long-lasting brand impression.

Of all the marketing gimmicks, the shipping boxes can engage the intended customers better when the boxes are made right. Experts can be brought on board to tackle the packaging issue. They use their expertise in crafting offbeat boxes that add value to the brand image. How the shipping boxes are shaped also matters a lot? Sellers don’t have to just confine to the typical box structure anymore. One-piece mailers, custom sleeves, folding boxes, and a lot of other custom shapes can be crafted. Customers’ unboxing experience is made better when the custom boxes are as good on the outside as the food items inside.

Are these suitable for your products?

The recent times are challenging to get more loyal buyers. The pool of choices is widened by global food competition coming under one roof; e-commerce. Shipping boxes need to be taken on board to tackle the changing retail environment.

The boxes, as stated earlier, are customizable. That means that they can suit practically all food products. from local deliveries to overseas ones, anything is possible using corrugated paper as the base. When packaging the food products, factors such as the degree of direct contact with the contents, the distance to be covered, etc. must be considered to churn out effective boxes.

Customization allows the brands to obtain specialist boxes for promotional periods. Sellers can get the exact quantities they want without having to adhere to minimum order quantities. Custom printed shipping boxes are a new dimension to branding. The whole marketing regime can get a new lease of life with these modified shipping boxes.


Regaining the lost brand zest is realizable with custom shipping containers. New food ventures can also find a firm ground to build durable customer trust. All within the realm of productive shipping.

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