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Facebook is a platform that is used by people in a large number and while using Facebook it could be possible that the user has accidentally deleted his or her Facebook post and now is looking for ways for how to recover deleted posts on Facebook timeline

For such users only we have bought this article where the users can easily get the ways by which they can Undelete Facebook posts and get their post back on their timeline as well as on their account. 

So, without wasting any moment let us move ahead to solve the problems which the users are facing and are looking for ways for How to recover deleted Facebook posts.

Methods to get back Deleted Facebook Post 

1. Finding and Recovering the Post 

  • The users first need to sign in to their Facebook account to recover the post which got deleted to fix the problem of How to recover deleted posts on Facebook.
  • After signing in the users need to go to the settings option of your Facebook account and then click on the option of download information. 
  • Now tick the post you want to recover and create a copy of it and then you can simply solve the question of How to find someone’s deleted Facebook posts.

2. Undelete the Facebook Posts –  

  • You first need to sign in to your Facebook account for “How to find someone’s deleted Facebook posts” and go to the Notifications tab. 
  • In the notification tab, you have to look for the notifications and find a notification you got of your deleted post.
  • Click on that notification and undelete the post which you want to and get the answer to your question of How to recover deleted posts on Facebook.  

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