How Chatbots Can Help In eLearning?

Have you ever wondered that chatbots could help in your online learning?

We are in an age where online learning is more accessible than ever before and are constantly in pursuit of providing better, faster, and deeper ways of learning.

Today, we will learn about the chatbots and how it is working effectively in eLearning.   

What Actually Is Chatbots?

The chatbot is now so good that sometimes it is hard to distinguish between robots and humans. Modern chatbots help in conversations with the learners and offer them with various information like documents, pictures, videos, and eLearning stuff. 

This act as an interactive training element that can help in engaging learners with your courses using high knowledge retention and provide a personalized learning experience to the learners throughout the learning experience.

Have You Encountered With Chatbots Yet?

Whenever you have visited a website, a chat or live chat feature assists you with your all queries as these websites use a chatbot that is sophisticated enough to pretend to be a human as they connect you with a real person.

Often these chatbots are employed to support customers with general questions. However, these chatbots have come up with an upcoming role in the online courses as a toolkit to support holistic digital training strategies.

How Chatbots Can Be Used In eLearning

A chatbot is a conversational agent which works on an Artificial Intelligence program and interacts with the users using common language and makes decisions based on predefined rules. These chatbots are used to personalize the learning experience and guides the learners throughout the learning process. As they are very useful in answering learners’ questions.

In eLearning courses, chatbots can create an experience similar to one-on-one teaching. In interactive learning, a chatbot acts as a Virtual Teaching Assistant and provides course-related delivering content, such as links, images, videos, etc.

How Chatbots Are Used In Corporate Learning 

You can easily integrate chatbots into the existing or with a newly  Learning Management System that can provide additional data and content to the learners. 

It significantly contributes to the process of learning because they are an interactive mechanism as compared to traditional eLearning systems. L&D can use that data to improve their training programs and feed that content back to the chatbot to provide more up-to-date information to learners.

Benefits Of Using Chatbots in eLearning

Chatbots provide quick and easy access to information and are often much cheaper and faster.

Chatbots can be employed in your eLearning courses to create intelligent learning systems in 2 ways:-

            Act as product tutors: evaluate final outcomes

            Act as process tutors: hints and feedback

Chatbots improves conversational services and help the individual students in interacting and engaging with your eLearning courses.

It provides more productivity to the students and optimizes learning opportunities when they need support.

Conclusion In my opinion, introducing chatbots not only offer more personalized experiences but also ensure that your eLearning courses are more efficient as compared to the others. If you want to provide eLearning courses with real-time personalization and support for your learners then chatbots will be more efficient for you. 


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