How do I convert a bootstrap template to WordPress?

What is bootstrap?

Bootstrap is a set of concepts, practices and criteria (framework) developed by Mark Otto and Jacoob Thornton within Twitter with the intention of standardizing the set of tools used by everyone involved in the development of the front-end. In this way they created a set of JavaScript and CSS libraries that the entire company should use, avoiding that the parts developed by a team could not be maintained by others.

Bootstrap helps us to design a website quickly and, above all, helping us to make the design correct and usable both in conventional devices and in the tactile (responsive web design). To do this, it offers a series of CSS styles and JavaScript libraries that will help us quickly develop our website and above all, it is recommended for the development of prototypes and has a really good response time. There are many PSD to WordPress conversion service available there online which can help you out in finding solutions for your problems.

However, building your own website is a time taking process. But building a website by using CMS makes it easy and convenient. The latest content management systems are so user-friendly and easy to understand even a novice can learn it well how to use it. Then only the technical part would appear as a hurdle to make a template for your website. Proper knowledge of language and coding to add templates to your website. But now with the modern CMS tools and software, you easily can install readymade templates. That’s why the Bootstrap templates are in demand. By using Bootstrap, you can get an amazing theme for your website in WordPress.

Here we are going to tell you how to convert Bootstrap templates to WordPress.

Step 1: Download BootStrap

The first and foremost thing to make a wonderful website is to get and install a BootStrap framework.

Step 2: Create a New Folder

After installing the BootStrap framework, you have to extract the archive file and then make a WordPress folder wp-content>themes>new_folder and paste the archive file in it.

Step 3. Create Obligatory Files

WordPress themes require style.css, functions.php, header.php, footer.php, sidebar.php, and index.php files to create a BootStrap Template. There are many lots of files which are required to build a BootStrap template but these are some of the basic files which are a must to be created.

Now you just have to set these files to create a BootStrap Template in WordPress

Here’s how to do it

1.       You have to edit the style.css file because this is the most needed and important file in WordPress Template. It gives information about the theme in comments. Just after filling each line like Theme Name, Theme URI and author by yourself, your style.css file would be done.

2.      Thereafter, you have to customize the special functions for the template by editing functions.php file. This is helpful in the appearance of your template.

3.      Now you have to copy the index.html file to the header.php. And always keep the dynamic content output using functions of WordPress.

4.     Again concentrate on dynamic content, like URL of your website, or hook that links scripts and plugins.

5.      Copy and paste all the codes in index.html between header and footer.

After completing all these basic steps, your Wordpress Template will be ready. Fantastech Solutions own by Ram Shengale is the optimum company which deals with latest technologies.


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