How Do You Become a Successful Data Scientist

In this technology-dominated era where every hour an issue sprouts up that can only be answered by efficient management of Big Data, the need for efficient data scientists has become more relevant than ever. Elaborating further on the requirement for skilled data scientists in today’s technical regime:-

  • Businesses cannot process their marketing plan before sorting through relevant data such as sales data, revenue graph, customer behaviour, etc.
  • Governments cannot plan engaging communal activities and social initiatives without using the customer behavioural pattern to gain insights.
  • A non-profit organisation cannot efficiently utilize its available marketing budget to enhance its potential operations.

When it comes to data management, there is an exhaustible amount of information for an average person to segregate, process and apply. Data scientists are trained personnel who gather, organize, analyse, prioritize and use data efficiently to help organizations manage their technical and confidential information.

How To Become A Data Scientist

There is no doubt in asserting that data science is a professional field brimmed with great opportunities to widen your knowledge and flourish in the industry. And in order to set foot in this highly pursued profession, it is important to equip yourself with the right skills and undergo certified data science courses. Apart from a knack for handling technical data, strong mental prowess and acute attention to details, there are plenty of other aspects that need to be fulfilled in order to become a proficient data scientist.

Determine If It’s Really For You

Before enrolling into any data science course or planning to invest in the degree courses, it is important to realize both, intellectually and in terms of educational qualification whether this profession is the right option for you.

Choosing An Academic Path

A recent study by Burth Works Executive Recruiting revealed that without possessing the right technical prowess and a high-level degree in data science, it is nearly impossible to enjoy a flourishing career as a data scientist. A majority of aspiring data scientists opt for masters’ and PhD degrees. Though these coveted degrees are important hiring criteria for a data scientist, enrolling in online courses that focus on technical proficiency also expedites your recruitment process. Acquiring a data science course using R, Excel, Python, and SQL coding is the ideal way to project yourself as a worthy candidate.

Certification Matters

According to organizational research, around 44% of data scientists possess only a PhD degree that makes them eligible, not efficient. Doing a certified data science course will improve your skills and make you more hireable. Earning a professional certification certainly adds value to your skills, making you more efficient amongst the others.

From large corporate houses to NPOs to government institutions to private agencies, there are numerous entities with an infinite amount of data that needs to be sorted, interpreted and used for a wide range of purposes that require proficient data scientists. Acquiring the right skills with a backup of certified courses, you can exhibit your prowess effectively and pave way for a sustaining career in the field of data science.


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