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Jayanti refers to the birthday of an entity. Shani Jayanti is about the birthday of Lord Saturn, which is among the Navgraha in astrology. This year, the Jayanti will be celebrated on the 10th of June. People who have the malefic position of Shani in their horoscope visit the Shani temple on this day and offer him Abhishekam and other offerings.

Shani is known to be a karmic planet in a person’s horoscope as per his past life karmas. When Shani is benefic, a person achieves all wealth and prosperity in life. He gets the fruit of all his efforts, and in whichever fields he steps in, it blossoms. However, when the Shani is malefic, it does the opposite; the individual always has to work hard, even then there is no guarantee of returns.

That is how Shani becomes a teacher and teaches us the value of hard work and life failures. So when we finally get the result of our efforts, we value it and develop an improved personality. This way, Shani also inspires us to do good karma in this lifetime to savor us positively in the next.

Crow is associated with Shani, and it is considered as his mount. A black dog also represents Shani, and hence when we serve a black dog, it helps us receive the grace of Shani.

Legends behind Shani

As per the Hindu legend, Shani is the son of Lord Sun and Chaya. Sun was married to Sandhya and gave birth to two kids Yama and Yami. However, due to Sun’s strong radiance, Sandhya had to leave as she could not tolerate Sun’s warmth.

Before leaving, Sandhya left her shadow to take care of her husband and children. Her shadow Chaya took care of the children and fell in love with Sun. Later Sun and Chaya produced a child who was black and was named Shani. Since produced by Chaya, Shani is also called “Chayaputra.”

It is said that Yama punishes a person for his karma after his death, and Shani punishes or rewards them during their lifetime. Shani is more like a keeper of karmas who punishes people for their evil acts and rewards for one’s good karma. In Shani temples, he can be seen seated in a crow while holding two daggers and a sword.

Rituals Followed during Shani Jayanti Pooja or Saturn Pooja.

It is beneficial to worship Shani in his temple and observe fast. Here are the following rituals:

  • People wake up early in the morning and take a holy bath. Waking up during Brahma Muhurta is considered even auspicious.
  • They clean the Puja room and arrange an idol of Lord Shani there.
  • The devotee gives a bath to the idol of Shani with mustard oil and sesame seeds. People also offer black pepper, pickle, peanut oil, basil leaves, cloves, and black salt to the deity.
  • They chant the Shani mantra, “Om Shanishcharya Namah,” 108 times at least. The mantra produces certain vibrations which reach the Lord, and in return, your prayers get answered.
  • Once the puja is performed, the devotee donates all the offerings such as mustard oil, sesame seeds, and black cloth to the poor. You can also donate black things like black footwear or a black umbrella.
  • The person should observe fast the whole day without taking any meals till breaking the fast.
  • He should keep devotion in his heart and keep chanting Shani’s name or mantra.

Those who worship Shani with a pure heart and devotion receive his grace definitely and make their life fruitful.

It is best to visit a Shani temple with a Pipal tree and the Navgraha Shrine. You should light up a Diya at the tree in the evening and circle around it seven times. Once the circling is done, you should offer seven laddoos to a black dog. 

Since the black dog represents Shani, and black color is dear to the Lord, worshipping him in such a way and giving your offerings will decrease Shani’s malefic effects from your horoscope.

It is best to hire a professional astrologer to have a deeper analysis of your horoscope or kundali and get remedies to relieve Shani’s cruel effects in your life.

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