How mobile apps work as a driving force for your business

The utilization of mobile apps has seemingly taken over our lives. Nowadays, people are spending about 92% of their hours on mobile apps, while just 8% is on web browsers. This means that you really need to have an effective mobile strategy.

About 3.4 million unique mobile apps have already been launched in contrast to 1.9 billion websites. Many businesses have already realized this very fact and built an app.

There was a time when only big players and industry giants were able to build a mobile app. But, today, it has become easier and accessible for smaller companies to build an app for their business. You can also launch a mobile app for your business and get an advantage over your competitors as an early adapter.

AppMySite online app creator is one of the app builders that helps you make your own app with a few clicks. 

Building mobile apps help you grow your business. However, you have not realized it yet that how would you stimulate that growth. You do not always need to reinvent the wheel for running a business. 

Take advice from this post that is all about how mobile apps drive growth for your business. Read on:

Generate new sales 

If you are running an online website that builds on WooCommerce, convert it to a mobile app to quickly turn your strategy and target mobile users.

Keep it simple. Also, the year after your app gets launched on relevant stores, you will see massive growth and increase in sales.

Using your mobile app to sell products increase the number of app downloads. In turn, a large percentage of sales come from your mobile app. This means your customers are spending more using your app, which posies your company for growth.

The reason for creating an app works because it eliminates friction in the checkout process, as well.

Customers can easily store their payment methods and shipping information in the app. This is further allowed them to check out in just a few clicks.

That’s why building an app drive additional sales to your business.

Increase customer retention 

Once you have built an app via an online app maker, it will instantly enhance the customer experience. As a result, it will be easier for you to improve your customer retention rates.

When every element of your app focuses on the customer experience, you can drive sales simultaneously.

Adding a feature of mobile payment through the app will make your checkout process fast and convenient for your customers. It is one of the best features where users can store their payment information when they make a purchase. They do not really need to be physically taken out of cash or any credit cards — furthermore, customers who have used your app to make purchases, get rewards for their spending. 

Your mobile app is a perfect way to implement a loyalty rewards program for your customers to improve your customer retention rates.

Improve operational efficiency 

Mobile apps are not only being used to target customers. You can use an app to help your business with in-house operations, communication, and to reduce costs.

If only 20% of your employees are office-based and others work remotely in the field, you can track them all with their email addresses.

With a mobile app, you will be able to reach 81% of your employees, compared to just 20% before creating an app.

This way, an app helps to focus on employee communication. Your HR representatives can also display information about employee’s personal benefits and other important notices of the company using an app. this further helps in making the business better.

On the flip side, engaged employees yield a high return on investment (ROI). 

Research shows that businesses with highly engaged employees have double the net income compared to companies with low engagement rates. Therefore, a mobile app can solve all your problems and set you up for growth.

Reduce operational costs 

While paper records are difficult to keep track of and have slow processing times, your business growth will get slow too. 

Launching a mobile app helps you save time, effort, and money. You can build mobile forms within the app for things like work orders, time sheets, inventory, and sales reports.

Go paperless and improve your internal operations while saving money simultaneously. This way, you are not only reducing paper costs but also saving your employees’ productivity hours each year.

With that said, a mobile app can help lower your operational costs to make things more efficient, depending on the size of your company. You only need to identify which aspects of your operation are the most expensive and inefficient and can build an app based on that information.

Make money in the app store 

If you own a subscription business model, you should build an app to drive conversions. This subscription app offers premium content. You can even charge different rates based on the type of content you are offering at each level.

Allowing your app users to try out premium services with a free trial will ultimately help you drive more conversions.

On average, 60% of free trial users will be converted.

Creating an app via a mobile app builder, like AppMySite, is an easy way to increase revenue streams and grow exponentially. 

There is a common misconception that you need to charge users to download your app to make money in the app store, but that is simply not the case. Mobile users can simply download your app for free, and for further use, they can upgrade to a paid subscription-based on the type of personalized content they want. This increases customer retention rates.

Make content easily accessible 

Mobile apps make your content more readily available to prospective customers.

About 60% of app users return multiple times. The average user views only 11 screens per session, which are high numbers, according to user engagement metrics.

If your company does not sell any products online, you can build an app via the WordPress mobile app builder to grow exponentially. You just need to improve the accessibility of your content.

Most people are not going to walk around with books and papers. This way, allowing your app users to access this type of content through their mobile devices makes your app successful.

Building such apps require no technical experience. You can simply turn your website into the app via AppMySite in a code-free environment.

Increase customer shopping frequency 

Building a mobile app makes the shopping experience more convenient for your customers. 

Research shows that current customers want a mobile app that featured things like Store locator, barcode scanner, recipe finder, and more. Therefore, consumers prefer mobile apps over mobile websites today.

Furthermore, 90% of orders come from the app, and it contributes to 18% of your annual revenue.

As mobile shopping frequency is 1.8 times higher than desktop shoppers, mobile apps will almost double the frequency of using your brand.

Just launch an app to increase customer shopping frequency, which ultimately results in added revenue.

Build an app to rule 

While there are lots of different ways to drive growth, you can build an app for various reasons that ultimately help you grow as a result.

It is worth building a mobile app for your business.

You do not need to spend a whole lot of time or an outrageous amount of money to make this happen. You can make your own app with AppMySite with a few clicks.Let us know in comments how you are planning to leverage your mobile app to drive growth for your business.

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