How Mobile Technology is Important for Learning?


Modern world is mainly about technology. At a very high pace technology has taken over majority of the world. Today it is not just the youth using and depending on technology. Old people, children and working professionals also majorly depend on technology from small to big everyday tasks. Businesses have started depending on technology and so does education. However, mobile technology makes the process even better than before hence it is a good change if used properly and sensibly. Often it is seen that students completely using technology for their education score better grades than the others. Following are some of the reasons why technology is effective for learning. Personalized learning

Mobile technology has made personalized learning possible. Some people learn better by visuals whereas some are excellent readers and tend to grasp the information faster by reading. Mobile technology has made personalized learning possible. Students comfortable with reading can use the reading manuals for different topics on their mobile phones while the ones more comfortable with visuals can watch video tutorials. Immediate feedback

In the older times students had to wait for days for the professors to grade their quizzes and assignments. However, with the improvement in mobile technology; they can receive immediate feedback and results from the professors. According to several studies, immediate feedback has significantly improved students’ learning process and interest in studies.

Freedom of working from anywhere

Mobile technology allows a person to be able to move freely without having to stick to a specific place. This freedom of mobility has improved the ability of learning of a lot of students. There are some places which students find more convenient to study and learn. Mostly people find it boring to study in the classroom, library and computer lab and therefore, mobile technology is an excellent way to extend the process of learning outside these places. Small devices with light weight are also easy to carry and could be taken to cafes, parks or other places wherever the student finds studying the most relaxing and convenient.

Ease and help

Mobile technology has drastically increased the ease in doing day to day tasks. Students and professors can take assistance from different mobile programs instead of doing them by hands. Students can take help for their assignments from HND assignment writers easily as well from wherever they want. It not only saves time but also increases productivity of the students. They can spend more time in studying and learning. Similarly professors can spend more time in making more creative and analytical quizzes and assignments.

Ability to connect

Mobile technology has made connections easier. Students can now easily connect with other students from their class, course, university, country and even with the ones studying the same thing in a different part of the world. It not only helps them to broaden their understanding and perspective regarding various things but also helps them to make friends from different cultures and religions.

Practical learning

Education in the older times was all about textbook learning only. Some students used to find it pretty hard especially the ones being more of a practical learner. Mobile technology has improvised this method and now there are a number of ways through which students can learn with a lot more interest. Augmented reality Google Glass, digital and interactive paper, and animated learning through apps have made learning more engaging and interactive.

Empowers the underprivileged

The use of mobile technology for education purposes has opened ways for the underprivileged people. People who cannot afford expensive course books every semester or year can now use their mobile phones to download and study from ebooks and pdfs. The freedom to move and change your location according to your feasibility makes learning easier and it has helped a lot of underprivileged people to pursue their studies.

Promotes development of new teaching methods

Mobile technology has opened a new world of possibilities for the students and teachers both. It has enabled the teachers to make and develop more interactive and interesting teaching methods which keep the students involved and motivated throughout the semester.

These are some of the key factors of how mobile technology is important for learning and its effects on the learning procedure. Technological advancement brings great changes in every sector it is introduced in. Following are some of the technologies especially introduced in the education sector of the world.

Google Glass

It is a device that can spell doom for the existing classroom structure. Students will have access to a variety of educational live streams with the help of Google glass which will eliminate the need for them to be present in a class.

Crowd-Sourced Education Services

Crowd-sourced projects like Khan Academy and Coursera are making education conveniently available for all. These projects will increase in number with time. Crowd-sourcing will help the students to get help and assistance whenever they want. Internet already is a different world of information and with crowd-sourced projects it is becoming more informative for the students.

Augmented Reality

Education systems are becoming more dynamic with the help of Augmented. It is the revolution extremely helpful and useful for the students and teachers. Educational projects all roughly the globe is using increased truth as a learning instrument.

The modern era is all about advancements in different sectors of life ranging from personal to professional life. Education sector has also started witnessing the advancements in technology. Students also take help from affordable essay writing service for their assignments. Especially the mobile technology has taken over a lot of part of the education world.

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