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Many people around the world are currently working from home in an attempt to prevent the spread of COVID-19 pandemic. But, what if your WiFi is not up to the mark? Worry not, because using a few hacks you can improve the overall performance of your WiFi. This way, you would be able to work in a flawless manner and complete your work on time.

  • Move your router to an open area
  • Update the firmware of your router
  • Upgrade your WiFi plan
  • Get a WiFi extender

Points listed above can in boosting WiFi, but you need to execute them properly for making the most of your internet experience while working from home.

Relocate Your Router ( How to Boost Your WiFi While Working From Home?)

Believe it or not, but the area you choose for your router can make a difference to the performance of your WiFi. Before configuring your WiFi device by accessing router login page, make sure the location you selected for it is good enough for accessing WiFi signals.

If you place your router inside a cabinet or under a table, then getting signal interference is nothing new. Hence, try to place your router in an open area (Higher area preferred!) which is free of dust.

In recent years, it has been found by researchers that people often hide their WiFi routers because of their odd look and feel. This is why companies, these days, are trying to design more appealing routers so that users can place them in an open space and get better results.

Update your Router’s Firmware

If your internet is running at snail’s pace even after changing its location, then update the firmware of your router to see if it works for you. Like most WiFi devices, routers are also offered with periodic updates from the end of its manufacturer. Getting such updates can improve the performance of your WiFi.

To get firmware update for your router, you first need to access by entering the address in the address bar of your browser. In some cases, the default web address doesn’t work and shows an error message. If the same is the case with you, then try to access the login page of your router using the RouterIP

Either way you choose, for getting the firmware update for your router, you’ll need to enter the admin details like username and password. Once you reach out to the dashboard of your router by completing the login process, navigate to the settings of your router and download the firmware update (if available!) for the router model you own.

Upgrade Your WiFi Plan

Make sure you are getting the same for what you are paying for to your Internet Service Provider. If, for instance, you have a data plan limit up to 50Mbps and all people at your home (let’s hope 5) using the same WiFi plan for streaming videos, playing games, downloading content, surfing the web, or do video conferencing, then facing slugging internet speed is normal.

In such a case, upgrade your data plan as per the WiFi need of your near and dear ones.

Get a WiFi Extender

Last but not least, to efficiently do work from home, get an extender. These devices help in expanding the existing WiFi coverage and let you enjoy the internet without any hindrance. With the proper execution of a new extender setup, you would be able to work from any corner in your home.

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That’s all for now! Hopefully, the given tips will help you boost the performance of your WiFi.

We wish you have happy working experience while staying at home.