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When it comes to comfort, we all think of those thick and luxurious mattresses. These fluffy variants may look appealing, but it isn’t necessary for them to be supportive enough for you. Therefore, you need to understand how mattress thickness works before opting for any one of them.

In order to pick the most suitable mattress for yourself, you need to consider the following factors.

Your Body Type

The very first factor that helps you choose the correct mattress from 2 to 20+ inch thickness variations is your weight. Usually, body types are divided into three sections:

  • Small Size: You fall into this category if your weight is less than or equal to 130 pounds. Small-sized people need to opt for at least a 12-inches thick mattress. Only then can you remain away from body aches.
  • Average Size: If your body weight lies between 130 to 230 pounds, you are a mid or average-sides person. You can then opt for a 10 to 12-inches thick mattress that has proper layering to offer you extra comfort.
  • Large Size: In case your weight is over 230 pounds, you will have to look for a 12 to 14-inches thick mattress. To ensure appropriate support, pick the variant that offers a 6-inches or thicker comfort layer. 

These are the variations for healthy people. If you are looking for hospital bed mattress size, you need to consult a domain expert.

Your Sleeping Position

Another crucial factor while determining mattress size is the way you sleep. If you lie on your back, you need to find a bed of size 10 to 12-inches. On the flip side, side sleepers need a 12 to 14-inches, and stomach sleepers require a 10-inches thick mattress. In case you keep on switching positions throughout the night, a 12-inches sized bed will be most suitable for you.

Again, you need to remember that hospital bed mattress sizes should be determined based on expert advice. These estimates are generally made for healthy people.

Your Medical Condition

Apart from your body type and sleeping position, your body’s medical condition also matters in determining the suitable mattress thickness. For example, 8 to 12-inches thick mattresses are recommended to patients with severe back pain issues. Contrastingly, a 12 to 14-inches mattress works well for people with arthritis.

But we know that these aren’t the only two medical problems you can have. So you can consult your doctor about your specific situation and ask them about the most suitable size of the mattress. You can also look for some unique hospital mattress waterproof size options here, such as medical air mattress.

Additional Factors

Apart from these, a few factors also affect your mattress thickness decision. These pointers can be:

  • Number Of Sleepers: When you sleep alone, there is nothing to worry about. But in case you have a partner that accompanies you on the mattress, you have to find a fit for both of you.
  • Bed Base: Your bed base’s size also plays an important role here. According to this aspect, you have to see whether or not the mattress height will be comfortable for you.

So, go through these important factors and find the most suitable mattress size for yourself.


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