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The choice of your flying school can make or break your dream of becoming a pilot. Hence it is crucial to choose the right training school to achieve the best of your capabilities. In this article, we explain 5 tips that you must consider when trying to find the best flying school in India.


The first step before you even start hunting for the right school in the areas near you, you must identify what your goals are. Are you just trying to learn how to fly or are you focused and dedicated to making a career in flying as a commercial or private pilot? Based on your goals, the choice of your training school can turn out completely different.

best flying school in India

For example, if your aim is to learn how to fly, just as a hobby, you can do the same at any averagely decent flying school. But if you are aiming for a career as a commercial pilot in the industry, you will need professional training from reputed flying schools.

Have a Budget

Before you begin, you need to understand that flight training in general is an expensive investment. It takes a lot of time and money to finally become eligible for a commercial pilot.

Hence, it is ideal to understand and identify the total amount of money you should be prepared with when trying to pursue this career. You will need to include the cost of enrolling in such schools, exam fees, medical fees and other payments needed during the training. Best Flying School in India, read full review.

Filter your options

Once you find the viable options, you will need to filter out the ones that do not come under your budget. Understand that increasing your budget based on the flying school requirements can put you in a loss in the long run.

Your aim is to finish the training, but if you run out of money while in the middle of training, everything will go to waste.

You also need to consider the location while filtering out the options. It is not possible for every location in your nearest vicinity to be ideal for flying.

Since you need to earn your flying hours to become eligible for a commercial license, you need to enrol in a location where you have the option to fly as much as you can.


Since the flight training requires you to have ample amount of time each day, it is crucial to start the flight school training when you have the required free time.

Further in flight school, flying is not the only thing you are going to learn. There will be other classes and training sessions that will help you understand the basic as well as the complex topics related to flight training. 

best aviation academy in India

Missing out on these training classes is not ideal if you want to clear the exams in the first attempt. Hence, make sure you have enough free time to attend flight school training.

Reviews | Best Flying School in India

When searching for a flight school for yourself, it is a good option to evaluate the review each school has. Previous customer and student reviews are a valuable source to identify the validity and credibility of a flying school.

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If you know people who have trained in a reputable flight school, asking them for reference and guidance can also help and then compare the same with the reviews present on the flight school’s website.

Since the training takes a long time and requires a big budget, you should spend as much time as you can, to find the best aviation academy in India.

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