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The world is becoming more aware about the importance of mental health and it is a refreshing change. People have realized that even a physically fit looking person can be facing traumatic times leading to mental discord.

Interestingly, technology is playing a significant role in catalysing this discussion around mental health and is helping people fight it globally. Mental health experts, patients seeking help and even the people in general, are talking about it on websites, across social media platforms and other channels.

One such prominent and distinct change that is turning to be a boon for people seeking treatment, is the mental health awareness app. As they say, awareness & prevention are as crucial as the treatment.

Hence, if you have given a thought about creating a mental health app, accept our applause. However, before you know how to create a WordPress mobile app for your website, you must be aware of the other concerning factors. Read further and discover, how you can harness this potential to the fullest. 

Mental Health Apps: A boon for mankind

The digitalization of medical and healthcare facilities has opened up new dimensions that is ensuring ease and collective welfare. Mobile technology has brought many services on our palm tops and bridged the gap between patients and doctors.

App stores already host more than 318,000 mobile health apps and almost 200 new healthcare apps are added to stores everyday. It has been predicted that the healthcare mobile app market is set to generate USD 111 billion by 2025.

This technological revolution has specially revolutionized the mental healthcare scenario. Many apps have surfaced on the app store that are helping people with mental ailments. However, if you are willing to offer this service to such people, you must be clear of your deliverables.

You must carry out a detailed research about your goals and have a pre-defined user acquisition strategy. Whilst there are a number of areas you can cover, your prime focus should be on the benefits of the app for the people who need care.

The most significant advantages of mental health apps are as discussed below:

1) Immediate consultation: Apps allow immediate access to a number of services. One does not need to go through the strenuous process of labouring for appointments and waiting in queues.

2) Anonymity: No matter how much we have progressed, the stigma around health issues still concerns the society. Hence, apps become a boon for people who are hesitant to visit doctors in the fear of their identities getting revealed.

3) Self-monitoring & help: Smart apps are now coming with tools that can help people evaluate their mental state and take preventive measures. This self-assessment can also help in boosting the confidence & knowledge of such people.

4) Affordability: Sadly, the treatment for mental health is very costly and even a counselling visit can burn a hole in the pocket. In this case, apps can become a great source of primitive aid, at no or nominal charges.

Factors that need your attention

Mental health is a sensitive issue and must be dealt with utmost care. The factors worth consideration before creating an app are:

1) Purpose of your app: There are a number of health awareness apps in the mobile market and each come with a defined purpose. It helps your potential audience in deciding your usage and implication in their life. It is important that you have a specific aim and stick to it. Choose one or more issues and work on them thoroughly.

You can build an app for a variety of problems & purposes like:

  • Teenage bullying
  • Stress-management
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Anxiety & depression
  • Suicide prevention
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Eating or Personality disorders
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Psychotic disorders & phobias

2) Credibility & sensitivity: You need not be a medical expert but you must ensure the credibility of your sources of information and assistance. Have a progressive, see-through and sensitive approach that projects you as an authentic and reliable source of information and therapy. Be clear about your strengths and weaknesses and communicate it clearly.

3) Risks & nuances: As stated earlier, mental health is a sensitive issue and you must be very cautious about the risks. Be careful in your choice of words and the content & features over all. Clearly state considerable warnings and risks involved. Do not preach something you are not sure of or at least out-source the attribution to the related sources. 

4) Outstanding qualities: There must be a handful of features that make your app stand out. Be interactive and help your audience engage with your app by offering a variety of things. You can gamify certain things, give meditation tips, endorse mental health e-books & motivational excerpts, and much more. Your app should make sense even when the treatment is over. Hence, put your creativity to use and stand ahead of your competitors.

Viable features & functionalities

It is the features and functionalities that will determine the viability and success of your app. Besides ensuring a high performing responsive app with frictionless interface, there are many other factors worth consideration. Your app should go beyond just being a technical tool and provide additional support and comfort to people. 

To make the most of your resources, ensure the following in your app:

1) App quality & Accessibility: It is important that you offer a good quality native app that comes with an intuitive interface and attractive features. You can emphasize on the navigation, design, layout, landing pages, screens, content elements, offline accessibility, and more.

2) Smart categorization: Cater to all kinds of audience and classify the offerings and features accordingly. For instance, you can categorize sections according to a number of factors like age, gender, and more. This will also help you understand your users better and provide customised solutions.

3) Monitoring & Diagnosis: Integrate smart diagnostic tools, analysis questionnaire, therapeutic strategies, mood journals, surveys etc., to assess the cause, ailment and situation of the patients. Enable tracking & monitoring of moods, sleeping patterns, eating patterns, and other concerned facts. You can also allow them to schedule appointments for check-ups with therapists, counsellors, and more. 

4) Therapy & Counselling: You can offer tips & recommendations for nearby health centres or in other ways. You can also go for basic in-app therapy and arrange sessions with mental health professionals for consultation & advice. Enable direct communication through messages, video calls, webinars and more. You can also put your in-app monetization strategy in play here. However, be transparent about your charges, consultation & subscription fees, and more. 

5) Report Analysis & Assistance: Be an early predictor of relapses into depression. It can include someone who is already receiving treatment or has received it in the past. Connect a team of professionals with your app and allow patients to get their reports or symptoms assessed by a professional. You can also provide medical care or assistance.

6) Medical & Community Support: Do not just detect problems but also provide solutions. You can arrange online talk therapy sessions as an alternative to face to face counselling. Else, you can simply integrate social media channels to the app and build community platforms & forums where people can discuss their issues and interact with people around the globe. 

Become a solution provider

We have taken a detailed tour of the various aspects related to mental health apps and discussed every factor in detail. You are now totally prepared to create your own app and become a mental health solution provider. Determine your goals and start making efforts to achieve them.

In order to know more about the nuances of creating a full-fledged app, you can visit AppMySite, the best WordPress and WooCommerce mobile app builder. It is the simplest DIY tool to create, customize and publish app on your preferred app stores, without any knowledge of coding.

Whether you are a mental health blogger or are willing to provide a wholesome mental health solution, you can easily tap into the mobile market. Go ahead and turn your vision into reality. Build a mental health app and be the catalyst of change. Get going now!

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