How to easily Install a Child Theme in WordPress?

Child Theme in WordPress

Child themes are best to make WordPress theme customizations because it enables you to take advantage of the features of the original topic. It has inherited the functionality of another theme which is the basic theme. Child themes are recommended to modify the existing theme.

What is a WordPress Child Theme?

The child theme depends on the parent theme or theme framework. WordPress Support child theme receives all the attributes and the appearance of their original theme. They can change them without touching the code of the original theme.

Many free and premium wordpress themes come with lots of customization options. But sometimes you may have to manually add the code to your theme.

When you add code directly to files in your theme, your changes will overwrite while updating your topic. The child theme is correct by allowing you to add your customization to the theme of hair. When you update the original topic, your overall changes will remain intact.

Usually, the child theme is used with a WordPress theme framework.

Genesis is one such popular theme framework. There are many child themes available for the creation which you can get from StudioPress.

Reasons for using a Child Theme?

There are several reasons for using the child theme, some of which are described below: –

If you modify a topic directly and it is updated, then your amendment may be lost. By using a child theme, you will ensure that your modifications are preserved.

It’s a great way to learn how the theme works and also gives speed to development time. This is a good way to learn about the development of wordpress themes

Without losing your customization, you can upgrade the original topic.

Creating A Child Theme

Creating a child theme is very easy. Just follow the steps to create a child theme for your theme: –
First, create a theme directory in your WordPress install.

After that, create a stylesheet with details about your child’s theme and drag it into the styles of your original topic.

Once these steps have ended you can activate the theme of your child and your website will look like before, but it will be using your child’s theme.

Let’s go ahead how to install WordPress child theme easily.

Step 1. Installing the WordPress Child Theme

Installing WordPress Child Theme is no different than installing any other WordPress theme.

First of all, within your WordPress Admin Area, go to Appearance »Themes page and click on Add New button.

There are two ways to install your WordPress theme:\' Method 1: If your child’s theme is available as a free theme on, you can search for it by typing its name in the search box.

Take your mouse over the theme you were looking for and then click the Install button from the search results.

WordPress will now download and install your child theme.

It will also find the essential core topic. If the original theme is available in the theme directory it will be automatically installed for you. Method 2: If your child has come as a zip file, click the ‘Upload Theme’ button. You will see the option to upload themes.

To select a theme zip file from your computer, tap on the select file and then click on the ‘Install Now’ button.

WordPress will now upload a theme zip file from your computer and install it. It will also check whether the original theme is established or not.

Step 2. Installing WordPress Parent Theme

In this step, WordPress will try to install the original theme, when available in the .org theme directory. In case if it fails to establish the original theme, you will not be able to activate the child theme.

See how to establish your core theme.

  • First of all, go to your original topic website and download the theme zip file.
  • After that go to Appearance »Themes page and click on Add New button.
  • Click the ‘Upload Theme’ button. This will show you the option of theme uploads.
  • To select a theme zip file from your computer, tap on the file button and then tap the Install Now button.
  • You can activate the theme of the child after establishing both the parents and the child.
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