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Are you looking for ‘how to edit my videos online?’ and that’s too like a pro. Edit YouTube Videos Online For FREE!


You have come to right place, in this article we are going to review ‘FlexClip’. It is a online video editing website which has both free and paid version.

You can use their stocks videos and images for free in your videos and use them however you want.


But that’s not it, it is beyond just a video editing website. You can upgrade to their plus or business plans which helps you to save videos online upto 1000 videos.

Now that’s the best part of this website. Relax and sit back to know more.

Are you looking for a program to replace Windows Movie Maker, one of the most used programs for video editing on Windows?

If you want another good video editing software to add music, text and to embellish your videos you might be interested in FlexClip Video Editor.

This program aims to combine ease of use with modern features, so you can edit videos without having to go crazy with professional programs (even expensive!).

We have personally used this and had great experience

In this guide I will show you all the best features of FlexClip Video Editor, so you can carefully evaluate its operation.

Feature of FLEXCLIP- Online Video Editing Website

  1.  Intuitive Interface

The program is designed to be as simple as possible. Even if you don’t have any advanced video editing experience, you can turn your ideas into amazing videos in minutes.

  • Free to use

FlexClip is free, even for downloading HD 1080P files.

  •  Animated text styles

There are many pre-designed text styles for you to choose from. With a few mouse clicks, you can edit them to meet your needs by changing the font, color, size, alignment, layer, and much more.

  • Real-time preview
    Preview every operation of editing with high speed.
  •  Possibility to upload logo and watermark

This is very helpful for some businesses and companies.

  •  Upload background music

You are allowed to upload background music and trim it to match your video.

  • Record voiceover

Add your own voice over the video to make it far more interactive and dynamic.

How to use FlexClip?

Visit tutorial for more, in fact here are some basic steps-

  • How to start video editing online?
  • Attach media files like videos, images or music
  • Add or delete story board
  • Manage story boards as you like
  • Edit video, trim it, add voiceover or more
  • Split the frame use filter
  • Adjust the colors or exposure like a Pro
  • Speed up or speed down your video
  • Add text, music and elements
  • Use your own logo or overlay footages
  • Rotate the screen or frame
  • You can add your own background or watermark
  • Adjust ratio according to the social media post aspect ratio
  • Now, preview or export the video into your local device.
  • How to remove water mark in Flexclip videos?
    In order to remove watermark in the end of the video you need to upgrade. check these plans-

Edit YouTube Videos Online For FREE!

Oh! That was really fun, right?

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