How to get the first 1,000 app downloads on the Apple App Store – Part I


If you have successfully converted your website into an app after months of testing, coding, trial, and error, you can finally launch it on the Apple App Store. Next, you will need users to start downloading your app.

However, if users are not downloading your mobile app, you will need to come up with a strong launch strategy.

In this post, we will show you some powerful strategies to get the first 1000 mobile app downloads.

Know why you should even build an app

Not everyone has completed the app-building process. In fact, some of you might still be coming up with ideas and designs for the app. 

Building an app helps you make your business more efficient. It is also a new way to monetize your business. 

Get some inspiration to get the ball rolling because people spend maximum time on their mobile and the usage is increasing day-by-day. If you look around, you will get to know the top categories of mobile apps that encompass the most time spent on:

– Social media

– Music

– Multimedia

If, however, you already have an existing business, building a mobile application is a great way to improve your brand image and revenue. Moreover, you can incorporate a monetization strategy into your app if you want to make money.

Monetization is a process that converts existing traffic to revenue. By implementing advertising strategies, you can monetize your mobile app. Look at some of the most successful driving forces for in-app revenue:

– Pay per click (PPC)

– Cost per impression (CPI/CPM)

– Banner advertisements

– Affiliate programs

– Data monetization

Take these into consideration when you are exploring why you want to build an app. Once you are determined, you can proceed with your launch strategy.

Understand the Apple App Store algorithm

At first, you should understand the Apple App Store algorithm to get lots of downloads.

Similar to Google, Apple also does not release any guidelines that describe what you need to do in order to get a high ranking.

It is considered to be an imperfect formula, but the Apple developers share some pointers. Let’s understand them:

App name: It should be of less than 30 characters. Easy to spell. Indicates what your mobile app does.

Description: When you are coming up with a subtitle and description, you need to focus on the features and functionality of your app.

The description of your app should not come up like – ‘the best app on the planet’. Instead, you should write about some of your top features of the app. Also, make sure users thoroughly understand the purpose and the functions of your mobile app.

Title: The title and subtitle of the app, both should describe what the app does.

Ensure that you assign your mobile app in a primary category. That way, your users can easily find you on the top results of this category.  

Some of the examples of such categories include:

– Games

– News

– Music

– Social Networking

– Travel

– Photo & Video

– Health & Fitness

– Entertainment

– Medical

– Education

If you select a primary category that is irrelevant to your app’s features and functions, Apple can reject your mobile app.

Let’s say: you have built an educational mobile app. Since social networks are more popular, you might think and then assign social networking as the primary category. It will be a big mistake and Apple will reject your app.

Additionally, if your app is not available in the store, obviously, you cannot get downloads.

Apprehend in-app purchases

In-app purchases is another way to get ranked high in the Apple App Store. 

In fact, Apple encourages mobile app builders to include in-app purchases in the design of iOS mobile apps. Also, it allows you to promote up to 20 items in total on your in-app purchases page of the description.

Ratings of your mobile app also plays an important role in getting a high ranking in the App Store. For this reason, your app must create a positive experience for users. Else, they may get discouraged from downloading your app if they get negative reviews.

Furthermore, the Apple App Store algorithm influences these ratings and reviews affecting your search ranking. Therefore, once they have plundered the time to get used to your platform, you can send them a notification asking for a review. Then take the user feedback into consideration whenever you are updating your mobile app. You just need to make sure that user reviews are legitimate and realistic. This will ultimately help you get more downloads.

Wrapping up

Building an iOS app using a free app maker is just not enough, you will need to promote it as well. 

Come up with great marketing strategies when you head to launch your app on the Apple App Store. 

At first, discover the reasons of building an app. It helps you understand the other strategies by going forward.

If you want to be the next big hit like Instagram or Twitter, you will need to monetize your current business and get downloads to be successful.

Assure you emphasize on the Apple App Store algorithm when you are trying to get a significant number of downloads. With this in mind, you’ll need to focus on:

– The name of your app

– Subtitle

– Description

– Primary category

– Reviews

– In-app purchases

Following these strategies can help you get a significant number of downloads as well as increase your search ranking in the App Store.Keep reading on as we will lay down other marketing strategies to rage your ranking in the search results of the store in our next article.

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