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Not all embroidery designs come out with the results that we want. While performing the tasks and its completion, some mistakes and defects may occur, this will determine the quality of the digitizing! It is important to recognize and rectify the mistakes to ensure quality services are provided at a fair price. Now talking about the defects, these may occur due to many reasons like uneven stitch length, inserting the needle multiple times at same place and many more. This damages the fabric and results in defects in the design. All these defects should be rectified and be corrected carefully without causing any damage to the end product. For this, a lot of patience is required and to give the design a clean look.

Here are the few tips that will help you identify which is poor and a good quality design:-


  • Stitch Density


It is necessary for every embroidery design to have the required stitch density that will allow the fabric to show through. This will allow the embroidery to not sit up and look full & vibrant.


  • Embroidery Threads


It is important to ensure that low quality threads are not used as the embroidery threads will lose their color and dye when run into the fabric.


  • Process of Embroidery


As it is difficult to get same level of detail from something that is printed. So it is always better to give off fine and shaded elements of a design especially small text should be given importance as it will not stitch out nicely otherwise.


  • Registration of the Design


The stiches of the design must be arranged properly in order to give a clean and complete look to the design reducing the defects in the design.


  • Bunching Corners


When the corners of the embroidery design on the fabric are not crisp, and the thread gathers up at the corner is called bunching. This is also a common defect that may occur while providing services that should be taken care of.


  • Hooping


This can be the other defect if the hooping of the fabric and embroidery design has been done wrong. As due to it, the fabric gets hazy and wrinkled and tends not to lay flat on the surface.


  • Embroidery


This defect can be seen when the embroidery is quite thick in some places which doesn’t seem nice and usually occurs because of lack of skill and expertise.

All the defects should be rectified in order to provide quality services and while rectifying, no damage should be done to the fabric which will make it look messy and unclean. A good embroidery digitizer should handle the fabric, needle and thread properly and should also keep a lot of patience while performing the tasks to ensure quality embroidery digitizing.

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