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How to install a photocell switch?

Automated lighting, such as streetlights, typically employ photocell switch. It is sometimes called photoeyes. It is used to determine the amount of light that is available. When the sensors detect enough light levels , the light will be switched on. In contrast, an increase in light levels from the outside will turn down the lighting.

The photocell switch is made up of resistors that are bonded to photosensitive plates. When more light hits the plates their resistance decreases, turning off the light and on. This is an excellent technology suitable for outdoor spaces.

Because there is no interaction from the users, it’s not an issue setting timers that shut off light bulbs. The photocell operates exactly the same way as the light switch can be used to function. They are often called photoelectric switches.

Photocells work throughout the year. They start to turn on at dusk before shutting off when dawn breaks. No matter if daylight is longer in summer and shorter in winter. They are able to detect their level of sunlight. Instead of working in a predetermined time, they don’t need to be altered. The timing of sunrise or sunset changes according to the season.

Many outdoor lighting installations utilize motion sensors. However, motion sensors are generally used for different purposes. Motion sensors can be useful in keeping animals away from garbage cans. For instance , the photocell can keep an area of parking in a secure manner and is continuously lit for extended periods of time.

How do I set up a Photocell Sensor that can be used outdoors?

The next steps will assist you in the installation of the photocell sensor. This will require electrical work. If you’re not confident or comfortable with these tasks. So, it’s recommended to find an electrician who can install the photocell on your behalf.

  1. Turn off the circuit breaker for your outdoor light. If you’re not sure, turn off the breaker is what is supplying power to your light. Switch off all breakers inside the building to ensure that power is turned off. Check to make sure the power has been turned off by turning on the outside light, and making sure the light does not come on.
  2. Then, take apart the housing which houses the light source for the exterior. It is possible to record the procedure of disassembling the light using photographs, it will assist in restoring it to its original configuration.
  3. There must exist two black cables attached to the cell. The black wires should be connected to the wire in the fixture. Unplug the black wire from your home and connect it to the lighting fixture.
  4. You must now join the wire of black of the photocell to the wire that is coming from the structure. Make sure you bend the copper wire in such the way that creates an extremely secure connection.
  5. Also, join the black wire of your photocell to the black wire inside your lighting fixture. So, ensure that the copper wire is tightly twisted.
  6. Cover the connections you made employing electrical caps. Make sure that the cap is securely positioned to the wire.
  7. Also, ensure that the connections are fully sealed with electrical tape. Make sure that there are no copper wire exposed.
  8. To check the condition of the photocell, switch the power off to the breaker. Also, make sure that the light switch is in the correct the correct position. Cover the photocell with your fingers. If the light changes to red after the photocell has been covered, then the photocell is functioning properly.
  9. Finally, you can install the photocell, and then put the light fixture in the correct position.

If you’re installing a lighting fixture in the very first instance, then the procedure is similar to the previously mentioned procedure. In order to install the new light fixture , you might need these things:

  • The most recent photoelectric switch
  • Wire strippers
  • Needle nose pliers
  • A screwdriver
  • A voltage tester
  • Electrical tape
  • Wire nuts
  • Silicone sealant

The steps required to install completely new fixtures:

  • Turn off the power to the circuit breaker.
  • Take out the light fixture currently being used.
  • After this complete, you can set up the light source using the photoelectric switch already installed according to the mounting instructions that come in the fixture.
  • When wiring the new fixture , you will need scissors to cut about 3/8 inches of insulation to divide the wires. Connect the black wire of the light fixture and the black wire coming from your home. All in all, connect the two wires by using the wire nut and make sure that it is secure. Repeat the process using white wires. Make sure to connect black and black wires, as and white wires to white wires.
  • Make sure you have all the wires protected with electrical tape. After that, take all wires away.
  • Also, make sure you install your lighting fixture following the directions provided by the company that made the light fixture.
  • Once you’ve put everything together, check your lighting according to the method shown above.

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