How to iPhone is Disabled Connect to iTunes

ISkysoft provide the all information which that you require to connect the iPhone to a computer to access this computer. Hopefully you have recently made a backup on this computer, and hopefully you remember the original password for the iPhone, otherwise you lose the device and lose all the data on it. Have to pay yes, yet another reason is that most of the device backups are necessary.

If your iPhone says the iPhone is disabe but now iSkysoft is provide good well awareness to connect to iTune. Try again in x minutes or worse, the iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes, help is in hand. Here’s how to fix this error message and your phone is working again

If you repeatedly enter incorrect passwords, you will end up with an inactive iPhone but this problem will not be terminal. In this article we explain that using iTunes (or iCloud) using an inactive iPhone. For more general advice, see how to forget a forgotten pass code.

Disabled iPhone Error Messages

Here’s a iSkysoft relatively common – annoying-notification you’ve seen on your iPhone:

Phone is disabled. Try again in a minute

It’s not bad. But it can be worse:

Phone is disabled. Try again in 60 minutes

Upset! And here’s the worst error message:

iPhone is disabled. Connect to iTunes

iSkysoft relates to the flexibility of completely misleading the messages, but you should not ignore it. If you see the third message, things are bad: You will be able to unlock the iPhone by connecting it to iTunes, but the phone will be wiped as part of the data recovery process, so we hope Let’s backup you. Alerts that include waiting period are less concerned but if you are not careful then you can rub more serious issues.

How to iSkysoft Successfully Unlock a Disabled iPhone without using iTunes

iSkysoft  is successfully prevent that how to unlock a disabled iphone without itunes iPhone without using iTunes Since Apple iPhone is a costly smartphone, you need to carefully use the device because repair is expensive and time consuming. Usually, to prevent others from accessing their data, if you set someone on your iPhone, they will have to enter the correct pass code. But if your wrong password is so late then is your iPhone disabled? You may be surprised that there is no way to easily unlock the inactive iPhone, and better, not to use iTunes. Therefore, we will show you steps to unlock the inactive iPhone without an inactive iPhone, to avoid any data loss.

Unlock a Disabled iPhone

If you have forgotten your password, your phone will be disabled after the limited time of incorrect password and you will be promptly sent to try later; But if you still receive it You can not see this message: ‘The iPhone is inactive. iSkysoft Connect to iTunes. So the best way to disable an inactive iPhone is to use iTunes. However, we can not close the iTunes in hand at any time at any time. Fortunately there are alternatives to help iCloud get the required work. Just follow the following steps to unlock an inactive iPhone with iCloud.

Easily Disabled iPhone Without Losing Data

iSkysoft unlock an unusual iPhone, as you come, all data stored inside the device will be removed. Therefore, you should capture backup of your iPhone data before you perform a factory reset. But how to back up the files if the iPhone is in an inactive state? As you cannot use iCloud in this situation, you should use the iTunes backup function. You can easily create an iTunes backup, and after activating the phone later, you can restore the phone data again with the backup file.

Extract Data from iPhone to Avoid Data Loss

If iTunes do not answer you before making backup before disabling the disabled iPhone, you always use the third-party software iSkysoft iPhone data recovery to extract important data from the IPS device. Can do This software supports all iOS devices with all iOS devices, and it can also help you restore deleted / lost data from the iPhone or IP address without backup.


If you work with iSkysoft  appications such as iPhone, you should learn tips and tricks attached to the device’s use. If your phone is inactive, you do not have to worry because you can easily unlock the device with the steps described below. Remember to make only one back up to avoid losing data during iSkysoft process.


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