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The fantasy cricket app has been a huge success in India over the past few years. FantasyDangal, as well as other apps, allows you to win big. To create a fantasy team, you need to have some knowledge in order to make the best of it. These players are those whose performance in real matches matches their fantasy cricket points.

How to make a perfect fantast cricket team?

There are many ways to create your team, but the basic idea is that you need XI players. This means you will need at least 3 batsmen and 3 bowlers. You can then choose any combination of bowlers or batsmen you like to make your team.

You need to understand the complexities involved in picking your team. They are the ones that will give you the points that can help you win money.

Learn the role of each player in your fantasy team

Each player should be able contribute enough to the overall team setup so that you get the most points. Because they have the greatest potential to contribute with their bats, it is important that batsmen are selected at the top of an order. Your chances of scoring are higher if the batsman is at the top of the order.

You must also keep an eye on how the player has performed over the last few matches. Form is an important factor in determining a player’s ability and confidence. You can back them up by looking at their last games with less worry.

Pick bowlers who are more adept at taking wickets than those who can contain. Because they are often run for runs, but the wickets they pick carry a lot more weight than the rest of the team. Yuzvendra Chahal, for example, can be hit for a few sixes. However, he picks at least two wickets per game which gives you a better chance of scoring more points.

Because all-rounders often play in the middle of the batting order, they can be a little tricky. These all-rounders need to be able contribute more with the ball, which is where their abilities come into play. Andre Russell, a big-hitting all-rounder, bucks this trend and can contribute to both ends.

Because they can score points for stumpings and catches, wicket-keepers are a valuable part of the team. You can get a keeper that plays higher up the order like KL Rahul.

These are just a few tips to help you get the results that you want. These are the best fantasy cricket tips. FantasyDangal is now available for download. Enjoy daily fantasy cricket which is the most dangerous team in IPL.

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