How to optimize your budget for creating mobile apps

Humans have always been ravenous for success and growth and technology has played a great role in this quest of ease and hunger for growth. It has scaled hand-in-hand with progress and is constantly evolving in every dimension. With the advent of mobile apps, it has further intensified and is now enhancing lives across the globes.

Mobile app has been one such gift of technology that stimulates success for businesses. This aspect of modern technology is constantly evolving and aiding e-commerce. In fact, m-commerce is rapidly redefining and replacing e-commerce.

With multiple options available online and offline, it has become easier to convert a WooCommerce website into a mobile app. However, if you are willing to expand your business and reach potential consumers, you must have a strong budget plan.

A mobile app development plan can be divided into three important phases. Read further and discover the various aspects of these phases before making your own app.

Three phases of app-development and promotion 

Phase 1: Pre-development Planning

This phase must be dealt with utmost attention and importance as it lays the building blocks of your app development. The various expenses at this stage can be divided into the following steps:

  • Researching: It is the most crucial step for any project or initiative. Research helps in the best utilization of resources and gives you a clear picture for your proceedings. The cost of research is usually comprised of market survey costs and other scrutiny techniques. You can reduce this cost by carrying out digital surveys on your websites and social media platforms. Get a clear insight of the needs of your target audience, market trends and the scope of your business app.
  • Budgeting: Did you know that budgeting itself can cost you heftily. If you hire experts and get into a detailed extraction of development budget, you may end up overspending for no reason. Keep your research game strong and instead of using conventional methods, trust modern resources and your own instincts and findings. Fathom all your resources and prepare a detailed budget for each step.
  • Wireframing: A wireframe is a schematic visual guide that represents the skeletal framework of your mobile app. By creating a wireframe of your app, you can save yourself from making unnecessary expenses. You will able to note your intended actions at various stages of development and hence, will be able to prioritize your requirements. This will help you in optimal budget allocation.
  • Resources: This is an umbrella term for all the tangible or non-tangible requirements of app development. If you follow the traditional methods of app building, you will need to hire developers, designers, technicians, content writers and more. The list of resources can be endless depending upon your goals and requirement. Have a clear plan before investing in these resources.
  • Hidden Costs: Besides the other initial costs, there can be many additional expenses that are hidden. For example, the developer may charge you for maintenance ($5,000 to $11,000 per month), legacy costs (up to $150,000 per year), additional support services cost (depends upon requirements). To avoid last minute stress and extravagance, get a solution that is transparent and provides multiple free services. 

Phase 2: Execution and Development

This is the phase where the actual action takes place. In this stage of designing and development, a number of complex processes are involved. The expenses can be broken up into the following categories:

  • Prototype: A prototype is often created for the first-hand experience of a mobile app before actually launching it. It does not have the full functionality but gives an idea of the project. Instead of wasting time and money on building a prototype, you can just create a mind map or get an app builder that allows you to preview your fully built mobile app without asking for publishing charges. It will save your time, money an effort.
  • Development: As evident, it is the most evident and crucial phase of the process of getting an app. The best way is to have an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) approach here. It is a development method where you integrate only the core functionalities that are important and unique and thus, reduce your budget by lowering your asks. Remember to seek a quick, native and efficient solution for developing your app.
  • Testing: Testing is the process of quality checking that helps to enhance the quality of your application, reduces costs, maximizes ROI, and saves development time. However, hiring professional app testers can become an extravagant affair. Instead, you can go for an automated app builder that reduces the risks of mistakes and flaws within your app.
  • Functional Services: These services are needed to execute the features and functionalities of the app and expand the usage dimensions. For instance, integrating services like push notifications, social media pages and chat feature, SMS, Email and CMS services can incur heavy charges and increase the cost of app development. Look for a solution that offers these features for free.
  • Additional Services: Features like user profile management, access controls, payment gateway integration, in-app purchases and subscriptions, intricate designing, data segmentation, content development network, development tools and libraries, bug fixes, and more, comprise of the additional services. When coupled with development charges, all this can burn a hole in your pocket. Ask about all these charges beforehand to sort your budget and planning. 

Phase 3: Marketing and Optimization

Just developing a mobile app is not enough. You must know where and how to launch it. Besides publishing it on app stores, the promotion is also necessary. The expenditures of the final phase can be divided into the following steps:

  • Deployment: At this stage, your fully built and functional mobile app is published to the relevant app stores of your choice. Before the submission, you must ensure your app is in line with the submission guidelines. Else, all your efforts will go in vain and so will the investment of time and money. Get a developer that has no hidden costs when it comes to launching your app and making it live for users.
  • ASO & A/B Testing: While A/B testing can be done at nominal charges or for free, ASO can charge you a good amount. ASO for iOS apps can cost more than Android apps. However, it is worth the investment and helps your app in gaining good ranks and visibility. Do not compromise with ASO as there is no point having an app if it is not visible for users to download. But you can always look for ASO solutions that are not very expensive.
  • Maintenance: Developers often charge people extra in the name of app maintenance. While it is important to update, upgrade and maintain your app even after it has been published, you must be prudent in your choices. Get thorough details of app maintenance costs and look for more economical options. Else, create an app that does not require much post-publishing efforts and saves you from going over-budget.
  • Marketing: Marketing and branding of an app may have several technical and non-technical aspects to it. It is important to publicize your app to attract the attention of the masses and get sufficient number of downloads. If you wish to opt for White labelled solution, app marketing and promotion, advertisements, and more, you must have a detailed budget plan ready. Study the market carefully and implement only those strategies that are useful for you.
  • Analysis: Studying reviews, ratings, feedback and performance is crucial for identifying loopholes and setting new goals. It will help you in enhancing your app’s performance and keeping it aligned with the requirements and needs of your app users. While there are various metrics for assessment and analysis, you can choose and curate a list of your own parameters. You can also get a developer or an app builder that gives you a periodic report of your app’s overall performance. 

Reduce your development cost with AppMySite

As discussed above, planning at various stages of development can help you in getting the best of the resources at your disposal. If you wish to venture out and launch your business into mCommerce, you can make AppMySite your trusted partner. It eliminates many charges listed above as it compresses multiple steps into a few.

AppMySite comes with an intuitive dashboard that is builder-friendly and highly efficient. You can easily create an app without any hassle, in a no coding environment. Thanks to its transparent and consumer-friendly ways, you save yourself from the strain of finding and assembling resources, pressure of going overbudget or suffering the pain of hidden costs.

It saves and optimizes your budget in the following ways:

  • Free app development and previewing for absolute transparency and utilization
  • Fixed subscriptions & pocket-friendly packages for ease of budgeting & investment
  • Ensures all the primary and advanced features of blogging or eCommerce apps
  • No need of additional manpower, thereby cutting hiring costs of development team
  • In-built content and marketing support to reduce the advertisement expenses
  • Fixed packages at optimal rates for additional assistance and total tech support
  • Integrated packages for iOS and Android app development for complete coverage
  • Zero administrative charges as subscribers can themselves add/remove data
  • Free upgrades, modifications and changes for basic features and functionalities
  • Zero infrastructural costs, zero data-storage costs and absolutely free image library
  • Free social and chat integration, free CMS and push notification management

Over to you

We have thoroughly traced the journey of various stages of app development and gone through the break-up of budget for each stage. By now, you must have got the brief idea on how you can optimize the budget for app development.

Move ahead with a crisp and clear strategy and get your app right in the very first try. Build an app that your users fail to resist and strengthen your ROI (Return on Investment). If you are looking for a wholesome and affordable solution, you can contact AppMySite. Many businesses, big and small, have built an app with this mobile app builder and scaled to infinite growth in the mCommerce sphere. Go ahead and grab your share of success now!

App My Site

AppMySite is an affordable Android & iOS mobile app builder that creates premium mobile apps for your WooCommerce and WordPress websites. Build your app for free without coding and publish it to reach your potential customers.

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