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Working from home might sound a lot relaxing, but the story is a little opposite, you are loaded with a lot of your household chores along with your office work, Right? But this is just the right time when you can dodge the pollution and sunlight and give your skin all it needs. Rev up your skincare routine while you are stuck at home. Pamper yourself with a relaxing facial, eye massage, eat well and sleep well. Make the most of your quaran-time and treat yourself with all the love and care you deserve. Don’t just sit and sulk; this is just the right time out of your hectic life to work on your hair, skin and overall health.

Listed below are some easy yet effective ways that can help you get back your smooth and healthy skin:

  • Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Treat acne, pimples and signs of ageing with a shot of apple cider vinegar in your daily life. For topical uses, you can take a small piece of cotton with a few drops of this magical Apple cider vinegar. Now dab it slowly and firmly over the affected area and leave it for a while. Apple cider vinegar is extremely effective and helps in detoxification and better digestion in the body. Try out genuine brands like Organic India for authenticity and reliability. Organic India products are widely used by people and have helped in getting good results post usage.

  • Face Masks

Try out face masks suiting your skin type. Use ingredients like yoghurt, turmeric, aloe vera, saffron, besan and apply it on your skin. Also, do rinse it thoroughly after 10-15 mins. Face masks have proven to be extremely effective. Whether you want to get rid of acne, brighten up a dull complexion or anything related to your refining, face masks are the best.

  • Home Remedies

Stick to home remedies instead of using chemicals on the skin. A facial scrub at home will do all the magic for you. Take a cup of coffee with aloe vera and lemon juice, mix it well and scrub over the affected area for outstanding results. Scrubs help in opening up the pores and cleansing the body.

  • Sleep Well

Keep track of your sleep cycle. People having a dark circle, under-eye patches are either binge-watching web series with the lights off in the room or working on the laptop day and night. Well, no matter what your lifestyle is, you can’t compromise with your sleep. Finish your work on time and make sure you sleep early and wake up early. Sticking to a routine is always the best way to dodge your unhealthy habits.

  • Good Eating Habits

Eat well; do not eat packed food items. Good eating habits will help you amp up your skincare routine. Eat green vegetables, nuts, seeds, take jaggery and honey over sugar. Talk to a nutritionist for a proper diet plan and stay assured of your overall health and wellness.

Skincare is equally important as anything else, and therefore we are sure these easy to follow tips will help you rev up your skincare routine.


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