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Termites can cause severe loss and damage to your property, especially wooden items. Hence, it is very important to get rid of termites as soon as possible. It has reported that termites cause billions of dollars in structural damage. They secretly invade houses and can live for several years in your house without giving you any hints. Termites mostly feed on wood so, you need to protect your furniture from them. 

Leaving termites untreated within your house can cost you a lot, because they will damage the structure of your house and also expensive furniture. So, before the problem escalates to something really serious, here are a few tips for you all to protect your furniture from termites:-

Use the right wood polish

You know that polishing your furniture with wood polishes help in keeping the furniture in top condition. Not only it looks good and new but, it also give extra coat on the wood surface which helps in protecting the furniture from moisture and other environmental agents like water. Also, there are some polishes available that are repellents to termites. So, you can use that to protect your furniture from termites. 

Keep furniture away from moisture

Termites are drawn to moisture so, make sure your furniture has no moisture. Moisture gives potential breeding ground for moulds that can be harmful for humans’ health. Therefore, you must reduce the moist keeping the furniture under sun for a day, also apply wood polish and do not use water to clean the furniture instead use microfiber cloth for cleaning.

Put furniture under the sun

Do you know that termites cannot survive in extreme heat? Yes, they need damp areas of dark areas to survive they cannot stand heat too much. So, you should keep your furniture out under the sun for a day. Not only this will help in drying the furniture completely but, termites will not be able to withstand extreme heat and probably killed if they are inside it. 

Termite Baiting

There are different types of termites. The subterranean species build nest in the soil and they travel from their nest to the food location through mud tubes. To get rid of such termite underground baiting can be used.

Get rid of termites with a peace of mind

Dealing with termites on your own is not only tough but stressful and tiring also. And there’s no surety that you can get rid of them completely. Hence, you should invest on pest control services. Professional exterminator will help in eliminating termites and protect your valuables. They use different methods and also product to kill termites that will not damage your wooden furniture. With peace of mind you will get rid of termites. So, hire the best Pest control services in Chennai and protect your furniture and other valuables from termites.

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