How to Recover Deleted Files On a Mac?

Files detected accidently from the computer systems are impossible to recover and if the data is important, you can incur huge loss in your business or profession. Actually, there are two types of process to delete from your computer system – first to move them into recycle bin and second one is permanently delete from the hard disk that cannot be recovered.

However, you can recover such deleted files from your Mac through third party data recovery software but for that you need to pay certain amount of fees. But if you don’t have budget and data is important which want to recover you need to go through a right instructions given below. The steps given below are useful if you have stored your data on Time Machine backup.

Steps to Recover Deleted Files on Mac using Time Machine:

Step1: Open Time Machine Time Machine backup application on your Mac

Step2: Now you can find the specific files you wish to restore on your system.

Step3: If you find the file press Space Bar to preview it and check its the one you want.

Step4: Now click on the Cloud icon to download a snapshot to view it.

Step5: Here you need to click restore to restore the selected file.

Step6: Now cut and paste the specific text you are looking for if you don’t want to replace the new version with the old version of the document.

From here you can recover your data one-by-one like photos, folders, music files and other documents without corrupting them. You just need to follow the steps given above and if there is any problem you can get online assistance by calling on Mac support phone number and team of certified tech professionals will help you remotely to solve this problem and recover your delete data from your Mac computers like MacBook and iMac or Mac Mini.


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