How to secure your Instagram account from hacking threats?

Today, Instagram is one of the most popular and most favorite social networking sites. In this era, people love to share posts about their activities, birthday parties, meet-ups, reunions, travel diaries, etc. Instagram is providing a wonderful place for sharing posts and stories. Instagram also gives a powerful platform for digital marketing. Small businesses such as art and craft, t-shirt printing, etc is getting a good amount of customers on Instagram. Along with numerous benefits, there are also various threats which are lurking around your Instagram account. If you want to keep yourself safe then you have to take some measures for securing your Instagram account.


Add only trustworthy people

Having more followers means more popularity! People who want more followers generally accept any friend request. But is that safe? No! You are exposing your personal information to an unknown person. Never accept the friend request of an unknown person. You should share your posts and stories to only those people whom you can trust.


Use Strong password

Password is the basic but most powerful defense wall against hacking practices. You should use a strong password such as a string of 12-15 alphanumeric character and some special characters which can’t be guessed. But remembering this long meaningless string is also difficult. You can use password manager of AVG Internet Security Activation Key; it will keep you all account details and password securely. You just have to remember the master password and then you can access your all passwords under full protection.


Enable two-factor authentication

Instagram is giving two-factor authentication which is really an excellent step against hacking practices. Whenever you or anyone else tries to open your Instagram on another device; an OTP will be sent on your registered number. With this feature, if a person hacks your Instagram password and wants to access it; he can’t be able to use the account until he fills the password and the generated OTP.


Do not click on any suspicious ads on Instagram

As we have talked earlier, Instagram is a good platform for marketing; but many people take it wrong. They use Instagram for phishing practices. It’s better to believe on your sixth sense and avoid clicking on any link which somewhat looks suspicious. Another good way to keeping phishing and other malicious attacks stay away from your device is by using antivirus. Use AVG Enter License Number for activating your antivirus. This will provide legitimacy to your antivirus program.


Do not share too much

Sharing too much about you can be really harmful. Never share your personal details such as your phone number or home address to anybody on SNSs. You should never share your upcoming plans such as birthday party venue, any upcoming social events or travel plans. This information can get you into stalking kind of practices. Limit the things which should be seen to the public and which should not.


Safety is always in your own hand. If you adopt the safety measures then you can go for Instagramming without any kind of worry!


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