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Whether you had too much to drink or not, getting pulled over for DUI can lead to fines or loss of your license if you do not react appropriately. When you get pulled over, the way in which you react and the steps you take in finding reliable Toronto DUI lawyers might make a major difference in the price you pay. Keep the advice below in mind, so that you know how to react appropriately should you find yourself in this situation.

Know How Much You’ve Had to Drink

 The biggest thing you can do to avoid getting charged with a DUI is to make sure that you know how much you had to drink and how long you have had to sober up. An adult male can typically drink two alcoholic beverages over two hours and remain at a blood alcohol concentration of lower than 0.08 (the legal limit in Toronto). This number tends to be slightly lower for women. If you are about to get behind the wheel of a vehicle but have had more than this amount, you should wait a little while longer so the alcohol can get out of your system. When you know how much you’ve drunk and when you last had a drink, you can correctly inform the police officer when you get assessed for possible intoxication.

Respect the Police Officer

 Even if you feel like the arresting officer has something against you and isn’t treating you fairly, you should remain polite and respectful in your interactions. This means answering questions honestly and directly when asked. It also means complying with the requests of the arresting officer, even if you choose not to volunteer additional information. Showing belligerence to the arresting officer can make the traffic stop worse. At the same time, take mental notes if the officer treats you poorly. If you are unclear about what you have to do or whether you are actually being arrested, ask for clarification. The more knowledge you have during the stop and subsequent arrest, the better you can prepare for what lies ahead.

Keep a Record

 You don’t have to write down everything as it happens, nor does your record have to be a complete testimony. However, it does help to have some sort of documentation as to what happened before, during, and immediately after your arrest. You can provide this information to a lawyer, who can analyze it when determining the path your defense should take. Keep careful mental notes on what happens, and write them down if you have an opportunity to do so. Make sure not to embellish facts in these notes—the goal of keeping a record is to make sure that you have something accurate to look back upon as time goes on and the facts become harder to remember.

Seek Out a Lawyer Quickly

 If you get arrested and charged with a DUI, you can wind up paying severe fines and may lose your license to drive. If you face this situation, the only way to avoid severe consequences is to have a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer in your corner. You should look for DUI lawyers in your area and take advantage of the chance for a consultation. Make sure that your lawyer has strong qualifications, including years of experience in trying cases similar to yours. You should also make sure that the lawyer you choose fits your personality well and can communicate effectively with you. You and your lawyer function as a team, and you need to make sure that the team is at its very best when you enter the courtroom.

The way you behave before, during, and after a DUI arrest can determine how severe a punishment you face. By staying calm and following the proper procedures, you can improve your chances of getting through a troubling time with the best outcome available given your circumstances.

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