How To Tell If Your iPhone Battery Is Dying

We constantly rely on our smartphones for our daily activities – so when they suddenly start to not work properly, it can be a long and frustrating process before we figure out what’s wrong with them and how to fix them. Once we finally determine the cause of issues, we are then encouraged that it is better to simply buy a new phone. This, however, can be costly. At iDemiGods, we aim to fix that. We offer iPhone, iPod, iPad, iFlash Adapters, Samsung parts, and replacement batteries so that you can fix your phone without having to break the bank. No matter what is wrong with your device, we have all of the parts, accessories, or tools you need to fix it.

One of the most common ways our phones stop working is due to a dead battery. Maybe you need to buy an iPhone 6 batteryto replace your current dead one. Not to worry – at iDemiGods, we have several different replacement battery options for you.

Even with all of our replacement battery options available, though, a dying battery is one of the most difficult things to recognize when your phone is not working properly. We’ve created a guide below for the most common signs of a dying phone battery.

Bad Cell Phone Battery Signs

• Doesn’t hold a charge: If you feel like your phone is constantly dying and you always have it on its charger to no avail, then your phone battery might be dying. Similarly, if your phone’s battery percentage drops at a faster rate than usual or if your phone only operates while it’s connected to its charger, these might be additional signs that the battery is wearing out. Even if your phone still works, you should consider replacing the battery as soon as possible to avoid any other problems in the future.

• Overheating: If your phone is working but it seems like it’s overheating no matter how simple the task or how long you’re using it for, your phone battery might need to be replaced. Although your phone might be working fine, it’s important that your phone doesn’t overheat – once you replace the battery, your phone should be back to working standard without any overheating. If the problem persists even after you replace the battery, it might be a problem with your phone’s other internal parts.

• Phone Doesn’t Turn On: While it might be the most obvious sign of a completely dead phone battery, it is still important to mention. If your phone simply won’t turn on whether it’s plugged into its charger or has a full battery percentage, it’s time to replace your phone’s battery. Most phones that simply won’t turn on are completely dead – but again, once the battery is replaced, your phone should be on and operating as good as new.

Replacing your phone’s battery is a simple and affordable solution no matter what type of device you might have. We have replacement batteries for iPhone, iPod, iPad, Samsung, and other devices.

If you’re unsure of what type of device you have or what type of part you need, we have easy-to-use guides that will assist you in making the right decision to fix your device. You can access our device guide at our online website at

After following these helpful guides, we hope that you now know exactly what part you need. Whether you need to buy an iPhone 6 battery, an iFlash iPod adapter, or a Samsung galaxy replacement battery, you can find it all and more at iDemiGods. Visit them online today!

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