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Bedwetting is the uncontrolled urine discharge that occurs during sleep at night. Though mainly after a certain period of time, these incidents stop occurring as children usually outgrow this problem by themselves. There are some exceptions as many do not gain total control over their urination even after this age.

What causes Bedwetting?

There isn’t an exact cause for bedwetting, but there are a few different reasons and factors. It usually occurs due to delay in bladder capacity development, diabetes mellitus, urinary tract infection, or simply insufficient toilet training.

Stress and changes in life involving emotional issues such as the arrival of a sibling or other things can also affect. Family history also plays a part in it as if both parents wetted bed as children, the chances of the child being so is 70% higher.

Controlling bedwetting as a working mother

These days, more mothers are being employed and going to work; it is difficult for them to manage them. To make the child overcome bedwetting, the best way to control it is by using a bedwetting alarm as it is the most effective and safest method. This device activates an alarm system as soon as it senses moister by a unique moister sensor in the child’s pants, waking up the child.

Training a child with Bedwetting

One of the most important things needed is to provide proper toilet training and good toilet habits, such as going to toilets before bed, checking the child’s liquid intake, and controlling it accordingly, and also cutting out any caffeinated drinks as it acts as diuretics increasing the chances of leakage.

As mental health is also responsible for such incidents, a good and healthy relationship should be kept as Keeping track of dry days and rewarding the child.

Advice for dealing with bedwetting

Bedwetting problems may occur occasionally or regularly, but that is not an excuse for scolding the child or delivering punishment. Bedwetting happens due to poor urination control, which is the result of delayed development of bladder capacity.

So the best thing to do is follow advice, such as using a bedwetting alarm or contacting a health professional for medications or any other kind of medical assistance.

Asking for help

There are many methods in order to deal with bedwetting, but if those simple practices and techniques don’t work, do not hesitate to reach out to a healthcare professional. Performing tests of kidneys and bladder may resolve the problem, as it helps better monitor the doctor’s condition.

Medication such as decompressing can slow down the urinal process at night but should only be done after prescribed by the doctor.


Bedwetting has been a common issue, but in the end, this problem can be treated if proper and healthy procedures are followed. On top of that, this inconvenience requires adequate care and medical attention and is essential to give the child good toilet training to get rid of such habits.

Also, keeping a supportive environment for the child is one of the most crucial factors. If proper treatment is provided, accompanied by good observation of the child’s condition, this problem can be overcome easily.

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