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It is an obvious fact that the children of this digital era, start using various electronic devices like mobile phones, tablets, etc. from a very early age. They grow up with a phone in their hands and use the Internet very frequently. This can be considered good but being a parent, do you want them to get across the dark sides of the Internet? Ask yourself this, is your child fully safe surfing the internet and using social media? No. But you, as a parent, have to make sure that your kids are safe from all these negatives of the Internet. But how can you do so? The answer is through parental control or family safety apps.

What does a Parental Control App do?

The basic task of a parental control app is to monitor the internet usage of the users secured under the pack. They provide a framework through which you can access and manage their internet usage. Parental control apps are used by the people to secure their family members from the harms of the internet, especially the kids as they are the most prone to this.

There are a lot of parental control apps available but you should aim for the one that offers at least the very basic features explained below:

  • Logged User Accounts

Various parental control apps have the feature of configuring individual accounts that are logged, aiding with monitoring and reporting. The username and password should be closely guarded for better supervision.

  • Usage Control

Most of the parental control apps provide the feature of usage control through which you can limit the time and data usage of the members secured by the app. You can set it according to the usage of various apps like Netflix and Video Games.

  • Content Filters

Content filters can be set up for by the host to stop the members from viewing inappropriate content on the internet. It is a very promising feature when it comes to the security of the kids.

  • Monitoring and Reporting

You can not keep an eye on the app all the time, so some apps provide a feature of monitoring the usage and report that to you whenever needed.

Which Parental control app to use?

When you start looking for parental control apps, you will come across a lot of different products online. But only a few will cater to your requirements in full. One such app is Titan Family Security.

With the help of Titan Family Security, you can easily monitor not only your children but the other family members too.

It is packed with all the necessary features along with additional time-saving features. It has features like social security, live location, video monitoring, notification alerts and much more. The app provides a free trial for your convenience so that you can check out its usage.

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